Allegory on Humanity and the Light

Recently I came across a text that also contains an interesting allegory, written by one of the founder of Theosophical Society, William Judge. The allegory is a dialogue between a student and his teachers, and the whole situation is taking place “inside the student’s heart”. It goes like this: Continue reading

How Much More until Enlightenment?

While researching about enlightenment online, a person will inevitably conclude that it is a term that is loosely used for several things relating to spiritual development. Many of the modern spiritual teachers and gurus often refer to it as a sort of a realization of ones own true nature, through spiritual practices of different kinds, or just by intense practice of being aware in the present moment. Many of them will also say that we are already enlightened, but we don’t realise it due to entanglement in the mind, and that by realising that we are consciousness, we will by default become enlightened. Continue reading

Tornado Meditation: For Removal of Trash, Cords and Attachments

The tornado meditation is one of the cleansing techniques that I learned early on in the spiritual work. I have tried several of such kind of practices, but for one reason or another I continued with tornado meditation because it has a certain substance and energy that was noticeable already after first time that I’ve done it. Continue reading

Commercial Spirituality and how it Compares to Esoteric Teachings

In today’s world, where everything comes with a price, spirituality is no exception. Unfortunately, what many know as spirituality is actually a multi-billion dollar industry, comprising mostly of new age, self-help, and self-growth motivation seminars, books, and retreats. In perhaps a bit smaller number we also have in this mixture the meditation-yoga and  mystical-like truth-seeking journeys that are becoming increasingly popular. From all of this a question arises: is there a substance behind it and can true spirituality really be turned into a high-profit gain? Continue reading

Traditions, Spirits, and Reflection on Death

“The Path of Life is formed by the hoof prints of the Horse of Death.” ~ Samael Aun Weor

The traditions of various observances, ceremonies, and celebrations that happen between 31st of October and 2nd of November are today quite widespread. I have always found this time of the year, the point between autumn equinox and winter solstice, to be mystical in some ways.  The above mentioned observances are related to Samhain (and the subsequent Halloween), All souls night and day, and The Day of the Dead. Continue reading

Spiritual Practices and Times of Day

In order to improve our practices and to have success with them, it is necessary to polish them in whatever way it takes. This includes length, place, quality, and many other factors that affect how we do our spiritual exercises. When I say exercises, I’m referring to the type of practices that can lead to mystical and revolutionary results, such as meditation, astral projection, mantras, elimination of defects/liberation of consciousness etc. In this post I want to speak about one of such aspects that I found to be important – about different times of day and how such can affect our practices. Continue reading

Silence, Solutions, and Divine Wisdom

How many times have we got solutions to various problems when we were simply focused on a task at hand, and not actually thinking about the problem itself. Majority of people would do the opposite – they would think intensely about the problem and try to find a solution to it, not knowing that by so doing they will just get more entangled in the mind and in the ‘battle of the opposite’ – the mind will just present what is in its scope of possibility, but that is limited when we are searching for solution to something that is more complex. Continue reading