Overview of Gnostic teachings as taught by Belzebuub

In this blog entry I will write a short overview of Gnostic teachings as taught by Belzebuub.  He is  a spiritual teacher that reached significant stage of spiritual development by walking along the path to awakening that is described in many different cultures and religions.  It is a very difficult path, yet rewards of it are beyond words. By going through it one slowly realizes its true potential, increasing its own consciousness, merging with Divine and arriving to Truth.

To walk along that path and to reach the end of it one needs to practice what is esoterically known as the three keys to awakening. Those keys are

– Elimination of negative states within us (states such as negativity, anger, jelousy, fear, gluttony, greed etc.);

-Alchemy (a practice with which one transforms internal energies and build inner higher energy bodies);

– Helping others to progress spiritually.

According to Belzebuub’s experience of the path,  those 3 keys are essential to awaken. Beside those 3 keys there are other practices that are recommended , such as astral projection, meditation, mantras and concentration practices. With those extra practices one can reach to knowledge beyond this physical world – one can get answers to questions such as why are we here, where were we before we were born; who or what were we before this life; what is our purpose in life; where are we going after we die; are there other realities and how are they experienced and much much more.

I will conclude this blog with one of Belzebuub’s video which I think sums up very well the importance of investigating , questioning and doing the spiritual work.


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