3rd Key for Awakening – Helping Others Spiritually

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. – Buddha

This key is equally important as the previous two. Helping others spiritually is very basic thing and it’s a requirement to advance along the path. If we don’t do it, it indicates selfishness, and in turn we won’t be helped either. This entire spiritual endeavour to awaken is enormously supported by higher beings – without them we couldn’t do anything concrete in this regard. Egos are very strong and without their help we would succumb to our egos. However, their help comes with requirement, and that is that we help others too.

There are many ways in which we can help. We can share information about awakening, we can offer our understanding when someone shares with us their obstacles on the path, helping them to overcome them. We can share some of our experiences that may inspire others and may possibly provide them with insights (though using common sense on what to share because esoteric experiences taught to us only are personal and shouldn’t be shared). We can help others in their esoteric projects etc. There is much we can do within the 3rd key.

Here are some excerpts about this key from Belzebuub’s Secret Knowledge Hidden Wisdom book:

“As we give, so we receive. If we give spiritually, we receive spiritually. If we give materially, we receive materially. So this type of help is different from charity. With charity we give to the poor, to those who are in need physically; then the dharma that we receive back is physical. If we give spiritually however, we receive spiritually, and this type of dharma is essential for spiritual progress. You cannot be selfish and hope to ascend.  Who has heard of a selfish, spiritual being?”

“In the universe, nothing exists in isolation; everything is part of a system that gives and receives. If we are selfish, we isolate ourselves from this system in relation to spirituality, and therefore are cut off from the influence of giving and receiving in that sphere, of the flow of mutually beneficial spiritual strength.”

“Spreading pseudo-esoteric information and helping organizations who teach or spread it, does not bring dharma or help one to advance spiritually, because it is spreading misinformation that confuses those who are seeking the true path and it works in favor of the forces of darkness. Whoever does this receives karma instead of dharma, and does not progress spiritually, even though they may be well intentioned.”

Spiritual development entails increasing qualities such as love and care for others, and as our capacity for love increases, helping others becomes more and more natural thing to do. It’s important also to share from experience as much as we can, because that holds much more value than only intellectual understanding, although the later is good too in the beginning, and we can acquire more and more experiences as we help others and are seriously practicing and changing ourselves.

HDP, March 2012

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