Spring Equinox Celebrations

The Spring equinox was very interesting. I was preparing myself for it by chanting some mantras the day prior, and I felt some interesting spiritual energy. This energy continued to be present during the dawn of the equinox itself. I did mantra Mahamrityunjaya, which is said to be a very ancient mantra, from the oldest Hindu scripture known as the Rig Veda. It was very special to chant this mantra at the dawn of the Equinox.

After that I was intending to grasp the spiritual significance of this cosmic event on a deeper level through meditation, however as I had to go to work that morning and I still had to do a related thing prior to it, my mediation was ruined by worrying that I won’t make it on time to prepare myself for work. Nevertheless, I’m glad I was present at dawn and was trying to grasp the meaning of it through mantra.

Belzebuub’s students around the world had a full ceremony at dawn. Here is the one of the group in California. The colors of the dawn there and the ceremony itself looked quite amazing:


Another interesting celebration is the one of the group from Ontario, Canada. It was in the mountain type of setting, and also looks quite nice:


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