Ancient Site In My “Backyard”

An interesting event happened in July this year, and which I want to share with all of you. It happened that I went to explore some areas in my county as a part of my job. At one point of that day I had a scheduled meeting with a person that would show me a place where there is an inactive volcano. He was in charge of an organization that was taking care of it. After the volcano we drove to a town next to it, and he asked me if I want to see, what locals call, “an altar in a forest”. When he told me the name I remembered that I already saw a photo of it and brief description on a local website.

He told me that the stones there are handcarved and are ancient, and some locals find them reminiscent of an altar. Due to that, a legend emerged which I forgot how it goes, but something about there once being a church and then being taken away by some force due to misbehavior of people, or something along those lines. The person said that there was never a church there. He said that the place was visited by archeologists and they all agreed that the stones are carved at least 2000 years ago, with possibility of them being even older. He also said that the place is occasionally visited by a reiki group that find the energy there beneficial for meditation.

I was very keen to visit it. I drove in my car, while he was in his car, leading the way. We passed through some villages and went up the hill until we reached a slope of a mountain and drove into a forest. From that point we carried on by foot. Very soon we reached the place.

The path leading to the sacred ground

Stones are placed in some kind of a circle area. The person said that they know where they got it from, yet it is unexplainable how they transported it all the way to the place where they are now (considering that conventional history books claim that technology of ancient humans were far inferior to ours today). The stone that is down has fell over time or due to some other reason, but it isn’t in its original position. It’s very likely that there were other stones too, all of them being positioned in a circle. It’s possible that they were taken by locals in recent history when they built houses.

What really shook me was the level of a high-frequency energy of the place, which was immensely high and positive, and had put me in a very nice internal state. I wondered how would it be to meditate there or to spend a night there. The person also showed me the power of the stones. He demonstrated it by putting his necklace near one of the stones, showing me how it reacts when close to it.

He also mentioned a story of how he wrote to some Canadian author that explores ancient civilizations, relating to him a hill near his town, which he finds historically and culturally interesting and mysterious, and which is only 3 kilometers away from the place where the stones are. The Canadian author did some research and measurements and has apparently discovered that the hill in question is on the same horizontal line as the Great Pyramids of Egypt as well as some other famous ancient sites.

If that is true, then it is very possible that people that put it there lived much before 2000 years ago, and were aware of other spiritual places around the world. It is clear to me that the place served for a spiritual purpose, possibly a ceremonial ground for solstices or equinoxes, or perhaps it was celebrating some other cosmic alignment. This is especially possible due to high-frequency energy of the place, which indicates that the ancients were aware of such energy and wanted to use it for their purpose.

I was really amazed by what I saw that day. I wondered how come more people don’t know about it. It was only in the recent history that it was recognized as a valuable ground, yet it is still only known as an “altar in a forest”. Maybe it’s better this way for now. At least the lack of knowledge of it protects it from being vandalized or completely destroyed. I do hope though that more archeologists and similar investigators will come and try to find more about it.

It’s interesting what is possible to find, even in your own backyard, if you only search for it.

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