Internet Censorship of Esoteric Websites and Forums in the UK

Copyrights of Flickr user myuibe
Copyrights of Flickr user myuibe

Last year the prime minister of UK, David Cameron, said he will work towards implementing family friendly internet filters, to protect innocent children from dangerous website, such as pornography. However, upon deeper investigation, Open Right Group discovered that much more is about to be filtered, such as violent material, extremist and terrorist related content,  anorexia and eating disorder, suicide related websites, alcohol, smoking, web forums, esoteric material. So this would be default setting, and if someone wants to change it could do it if they untick the category they don’t want it to be filtered. The problem is that majority of people won’t even know that they have default filtering set in place.

What I find very concerning is the fact that esoteric material and web forums have been put in the same list with other potentially dangerous categories. The only thing that was presented in the media was filtering of pornography, without mentioning other categories, and especially not esoteric materials. So why would the government want to limit people access to esoteric material? According to the article of Angela Pritchard, there is a war on consciousness going on, where powerful people behind the structures of society control the information coming to public. Esoteric means hidden, secret knowledge, the knowledge for those who put effort into discovering it. It is gained with spiritual development, which can transform human consciousness into a very high state. Spiritual techniques for such development are available online. It makes sense that those who maintain current world structure do not want people to awaken consciousness and change, which they certainly would if more people start to use these spiritual techniques and unfold their hidden potential.

The censorship is now put in place, but we can still stop it. There are two main petitions that you can sign, the one on you can access here, and the one Avaz here. Signing petition is good but it may not be enough. Some friends have started a website through which you can write a message to  David Cameron and they will send it as physical letter. There are already indications that countries such as Australia, Canada and France are sympathizing this censoring UK initiative, and some governments have already suggested copying it in their own country. One example is current Australian government, it’s plan to implement it and sudden change of plan a day before election.

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