Nebula, by Olga Grapsa

Right now I am standing at the edge of shore
Starring through the infinite space
While endless trials are born around me

The sea’s breath
The moon’s pull
Creatures transforming moments into their untold purpose

But my own untold story vanishes in the horizon
Instead, the burning letters of the book of fire ride across the waves
Chanting another story

Oh Agni!

If I squint my eyes the salt-wind weakens
If I open my arms life takes me

I bring my foot onto the foam
and I’m caught on fire

And the sun and the moon encircle me
and the entire cosmos resides in me
Stars dance from my palms
and die at my knees
born anew with every tear

And I collapse into my self
To find my untold story
To read my own immortal pages
in the darkness of Time

I am a Nebula whose words are beads of light
And I shine in some infinite space
to one day be found


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