The Birth of Christ

boticelli_virgin_teaching_child_re_jpgA few days ago, at the Winter Solstice, we entered a true new year. It’s a good time to shed off things and habbits that are harmful for spiritual development, and physical, emotional and mental health. Winter Solstice also signifies the birth of the 2nd Logo, the Christ, the Savior, which is why many avatars were born around that time (21st of December), and were representing that force which they also had within themselves. Ancients of the long gone past have created sacred sites that are aligned with the sunrise of this sacred time of the year, such as Newgrange in Ireland, Glastonbury Tor in England, Temple of Karnak in Egypt, and hundreds of others across the world. There is indeed something special about this time, and how the dawn of the Winter solstice cosmically reflects the birth of that same force on a micro-scale.

This year the Winter solstice was on the 21st at around 3pm Pacific time, and the dawn of the solstice was on the 22nd. To celebrate this event, a friend and I went to a mountain nearby Vancouver. The location is a beautiful, semi-rainforest area, with a lake and a river. After finding a secluded spot in the forest, we did a series of mantras related to this event. Then at around 3pm, when the Earth positioning aligned to the Winter solstice, we did a standing meditation, trying to connect to the force of Christ through visualisation and intention. The idea on how to connect to it better came to me spontaneously during the practice, and it provided me with amazing experience of peace, as well as connecting deeper to this time of year. On one level I felt this force being part of me, and part of everything I could perceive. On another level I was connected to the event of the Winter solstice, and I understood how special it was to all those celebrating it many thousands of years ago, when people were more perceptive and more in tune with the Spirit.

I wish everyone reflective Christmas, to spend it spiritually and in meditation, to gain insights and strength from the energies present, which may help you with your spiritual pursuits.

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