Beyond the Worldly Noise

Beyond the Worldly Noise

Use your energy for your deep awakening
do not get distracted by frivolous things.
Beyond the worldly noise lies a treasure
unlike anything you have seen.

Through a dire dirt you must pass
and temptations of all kind
to one day arrive to a sacred mountain
where a glimpse of this treasure you will find.

Its fragrance will carry you over hard terrain
and a long desert’s path that appears to have no end
and yet endure you must
to ensure the passage to a higher plane.

Only thus will you be shown
that which lies on the other side
from where the light of your spirit observes
hoping that you don’t get lost
in the stormy tide.

So don’t succumb to things that will pass
nor to all the rest to which your lower self reacts
because who knows when the last drop
of your spirit’s light departs
and leaves you with an echo
of once strong and hopeful dream.

HDP, February 2020.

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