Searching Within by Belsebuub – A Book About Starting the Inner Work

Here’s a short post about the Belsebuub’s book on Self-knowledge that was previously available in various formats, such as in the paperback The Peace of the Spirit Within, and later on as an ebook titled Self-knowledge for Awakening. It then went on being unavailable for a while, and now finally it is back and available for purchase. The name of the book is ‘Searching Within’. I did not read this new updated version, but had opportunity to skim through it and briefly go through some parts of it. The material comes from one of his spiritual courses that was related to Self-knowledge, and the course was also named as the current version of the book.

The reason I’m writing about this here is because it is probably one of the best books out there that gives step by step guide on what to do in order to begin a serious spiritual work, the one that bring real inner change and moves us closer to awakening. The simplicity of the language, the depth, the exercises, the sequence etc. is written in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Continue reading

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent – A book review

The Feathered Serpent must fly. When you know what the flight of the Feathered Serpent is, you will know what to do. Until then…make it clear that the Message of the Immortals vibrates throughout the centuries.

One of the spiritual books that had the most impact on me was The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, by Armando Cosani. He was a journalist in Spain during the Second World War, and after his injury he started going to church, turning to Jesus. It was then when he was approached and befriended by a mysterious person who throughout the time of their friendship did not introduce himself to him, but nevertheless they became great friends Continue reading

The Smoky God: Journey to the Inner World (Book Review)

Antartica sunset. Copyrights of v1ctor
Antartica sunset. Copyrights of v1ctor

I’ve read The Smoky God book a couple of years ago and it definitely left me with an interesting impression. I love reading adventure books, especially when it has incorporated some metaphysical experiences that actually have a basis in reality. This one definitely seems like a genuine experience of Norwegian sailor Ola Jenses and his father. Continue reading

Memories of Reincarnation, by Grace Cooke

ancientMemories of Reincarnation is an updated version of the book The Illumined Ones, written by Grace Cooke. In it the author describes in detail parts from two of her lifetimes, many thousands of years ago – one in South America and another in Egypt.

The author claims that the information contained in the book originate from her ability to “tune-in to a super-normal consciousness and steady thinking back into the past. It was an arduous creative effort, not of which is called imagination but of memory, to recover a past that is imperishable in the soul.” She also claims that at one point in her life she got in contact with some higher beings from a higher dimension, who have collectively introduced themselves to her as White Eagle. Since then they used her as a channel to pass on messages to humanity. Personally I’m very sceptical with the approach of letting another soul to take control of your body, for obvious reasons. At one point in the book she says that one of those teachers is someone she was very close to during the two lives she describes in this book. Continue reading

Autobiography of a Yogi

yogiAutobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda was an interesting read. In it, Yogananda writes about his life and spiritual journey, starting from spiritual experience from early childhood, and his wonderings in search of a guru. Eventually he finds a guru that he believes was destined to be his teacher, Sri Yukteswar Giri. From then on he spends a lot of time in his ashram, learning from him, while at the same time period attending college. After he learned fair amount, he decides to spread the teachings in USA and to open his own school in India.

There are many insightful things in it and I’m glad I’ve read it. It increased my understanding of karma, it gave me some insights into some aspects of non-physical realms, astrology and many other things. At one point there is narration of several stories about Babaji – famous yogi who apparently lives with the same physical body for millions of years. In one of them he manifested real material palace in the midst of Himalayan mountain in order to help his disciple with something. When that was completed, he made it vanish. He explained how that was done, he compares it to this physical world and what would it take for the palace to remain longer, just as this physical world remains. There are many more extraordinary stories, many entailing developed yogis who exhibit amazing powers. Continue reading

The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

Mother_of_the_World“Come to us and within us, Divine Ancient, for we are part of Thyself.”

This great Gnostic text is discovered in the 18th century, and is thought to originate from 2nd century AD. The book consists of Jesus’s teachings. According to it, when Jesus resurrected, he remained on Earth for 11 more years. During that time he was teaching his disciples. The book is divided into several parts that are continuing one upon another, but with different spiritual topics.

First and the largest part is about the story of Pistis Sophia. According to Samael Aun Weor, she is one of the higher aspects of our own Inner Being. Other parts are about the teachings relating to high planes of existence, their structures, about the Infinite, about the things that happen “behind the curtain” pertaining to this physical life, and more. Two or three apostles had a role of scribes and were writing down what Jesus was saying. Among regular apostles, there were also Mary Magdalene, Mary (Jesus’s mother), Martha and Salome. Continue reading