Levels of Understanding Through Consciousness and Inner Work

It has been often said that teacher comes when student is ready. This readiness of the student depends on his level of understanding. In the beginning he finds the work and teachers, and then as his understanding increases he is able to understand more and more of the esoteric subjects. This increase of understanding is directly related to his own inner work. If the work is not taking place inside him, the level stays the same, and sometimes it can even disappear (if we go backwards), though I think this loss of understanding is temporarily taken away. Continue reading

Spontaneous Practice in India: Meditation in Space

Last year I was traveling in India, visiting many of the interesting places with temples and heightened energy. There are many religions in India, and people practicing them are co-existing peacefully with one another. The spiritual energy permeating many of the places in India has attracted spiritual seekers for centuries, and being there last year for the first time I glimpsed as to why that is so. Such a long tradition of spiritual activity has left tangible charge to the country, and while visiting some places one may tap to sources of intuitive feelings, which is why many seekers come to India in the first place – to get an insight that they need in life. Continue reading

Astral projection to the Temple of Sphinx


The following is an account of astral projection by one of the students of Samael Aun Weor, from Samael’s Q&A book called Beyond Death. I thought it may be inspiring to read this story it if you are looking for depth in astral projection, because it shows some of the many things that one can achieve with this wonderful ability of astral travel. Here it goes: Continue reading

Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 2)

Perhaps the most intense experience I had while traveling in Mexico was in the ancient site of Yagul, in Oaxacan Valley. The site was inhabited by Zapotecs, thousands of years ago. There was something special about the mountains surrounding the site, and because it was tucked in and secluded, one could have a richer experience. It was a beautiful sunny day. After walking through this ancient site and trying to get the feel for it, I have sat down under a tree on a courtyard, which in the past has been surrounded by temples. I felt this courtyard had the highest spiritual significance back then, and its positioning in relation to other parts of the city helped strengthen the already manifested wonderment and awe. “Something profound was going on here”, I thought. Continue reading

Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 1)

From the Mayan site of Palenque

Recently I’ve been traveling in Mexico, with primary goal to visit and explore many of the ancient sites that the developed cultures, such as Mayas, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, have left for us to get inspired from, and maybe even something more. Prior to that I have been looking more into the ability of the third eye and was doing corresponding practices for its development. I was aware of the many potentials that the chakra of the third eye has to offer, but for one reason or another the most intense experiences relating to it came to me about eight months before coming to Mexico, when I was traveling in British Columbia. Continue reading

Possible Psychic Development In Ancient Egypt

Artwork by Gilbert Williams

Developing psychic abilities is something that many people interested in spirituality would like to achieve. These abilities are related to the non-physical senses, or chakras, of our higher bodies. When chakras develop pass the certain point, a psychic powers emerges (such as telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, polyvision etc.). Most common way for people to access such is unintentionally through meditation and going to deep relaxation states, but there are also deliberate ways of triggering them, such as by using sound or visualisation. The following is the excerpt from the book Memories of Reincarnation by Grace Cooke. It contains an interesting description of how people of ancient Egypt were developing their psychic faculties starting from childhood, through sharpening their physical senses: Continue reading

Experience During an Evening Walk


A few days ago I went for an evening walk to a nearby forest. After many days of cloudy weather and rain, that evening was more clear and stable. I walked up to a place which is like an artificial semi island in between two parts of a river. I was standing at the very edge of that semi island, on its narrowest point, where two parts of the river meet and continue its flow united. Feeling compelled to stop, my gaze faced the sky. Sunset gave majestic colors to it and the clouds. The atmosphere seemed to be inundated with mysterious spiritual energies. There was peace and calm in the air, in the surrounding trees, in the clusters of birds making their final dances before finding their resting place for the night. Continue reading