Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual (LBPR)

pentagram Lesser banishing pentagram ritual, or in short LBPR, is something I’ve been using for a number of years, and since it serves its purpose well I decided to write about it here. People attribute this ritual to Golden Dawn organization, but all of the elements in it are based on ancient knowledge. The ritual involves Kabbalistic cross, Kabbalistic words, blue flamed pentagrams, a circle of white fire, sacred names of God, and the four archangels.

I’ve been using it mostly when wanting to clear the room of negative entities, but it also works great if you just want to clear the overall energy of the place and replacing it with that of Light, and also if you want to cleanse your aura and yourself of astral debris. If you move to a new place, or if you travel and stay somewhere overnight or for several days, it’s something that can be beneficial to do as well.

The dynamics behind it is that, due to all of the elements involved, the ritual creates highly charged energy in your surroundings, and that can banish entities and energies that are of lower nature. As in everything else, your intention and strenght of visualisation and vocalization will determine the efficacy of this ritual. If you just take the names of God, that is powerful enough to make a change in itself, because those sacred names got it’s high charge over the millennia. When to that you also add all of the other elements of the ritual, you get something even more potent.

Lesser banishing pentagram ritual doesn’t take long to complete (around 5 minutes), and you can do it how many times you feel you need throughout the day. On days when I decide to do it, I usually just do it before going to sleep, but if there is a need for it I do it more often than that.

The ritual

Stand straight facing the East. Become aware of yourself and your surroundings, and then focus for a moment on the divinity that is inside and outside of you, that is permeating the Cosmos.

Start by doing Kabbalistic cross:
(Use the index finger of your right hand, while the rest of the fingers of that hand are curled) Touch your forehead with index finger and vibrate the word A-Ta (Thou Art).
Move the index finger in front of the genitals area and vibrate Mal-kut (Kingdom).
Touch the right shoulder and vibrate Ve-G’bu-ra (and Power).
Touch the left shoulder and vibrate Ve-G’du-la (and Glory).
Clasp the hands at your cheast (as if praying), and vibrate Le-O-Lam (for ever).
Hands still clasped, vibrate: Amen.

Now with your index finger, while facing the East, trace a huge pentagram (or as big as the space in the room permits) that you visualise. Start tracing it from the bottom left corner upwards. Imagine that is of blue flame. Once it’s done, outstretch your right hand and with your index finger touch the middle of the pentagram and vibrate the sacrad name: Yud-hey-vav-hey

From that point trace a line of white fire towards the South. Once facing the South, trace a new pentagram in the same way. Right hand in the middle, and vibrate the name: A-do-nai.

From that point trace the white fire to the West. Draw a new pentagram in the same way, index in the middle of the pentagram, and vibrate: E-hehe-ye

Trace white fire to the North. Draw a new pentagram, index in the middle, vibrate: A-Gla

Complete the circle by tracing the white fire back to the East. In front of you are now four blue flamed pentagrams connected by the white fire of light.

Put your hands by your side, and say: Before me, (vibrate the archangels names) Ra-fa-el. Behind me: Ga-bri-el. On my right: Mi-ka-el. On my left: A-ri-el.

Now imagine the six pointed star (Hexagram, Star of David) blazing from the center of your chest (from your heart chakra), and visualise the archangels. I visualise them as three meters tall beings of light, blazing with the light of love, their light encompassing the entire room and beyond, cleansing and nurishing both me and my surroundings.

Finish the ritual by doing the Kabbalistic cross (as it was done in the beginning of the ritual). You can thank the forces at the end.

This is how I do the ritual.There are other versions out there, some very complex, but I find this one very effective and to the point. All the sacred words and names are pronounced as they are written, like in Spanish, Italian, Latin, Slavic languages etc… I like to vocalize the words and names from a deeper tone of voice and slightly elongate each syllable. You may have noticed that the crossing is done differently than in standard version. That’s because if you cross in the regular way (at your chest instead of genitals) then the cross turns out to be upside down.
If your crown or third eye chakras are active to a certain degree and you have incipient level of their corresponding psychic faculties, you can actually see non-physical shapes at the last part of the ritual.

If I do LBPR right before going to sleep, I still do Belilin and the circle of protection afterwards.


Spiritual Protection in the Astral Plane (Part II)

Shakti, the Divine MotherTwo very effective recitation techniques to dispell negtivity  are called Bellilin and Jupiter. Performing Jupiter recitation in the astral should be done in the following way: place the palm of your left hand on the solar plexus area, and point your right hand towards a spirit you want to dispell. Fingers of your right hand should be in a form of a gun, i.e. thumb up, middle and index finger outstreched. Then say out loud and with strenght:

In the name of Jupiter, father of gods, I dispel you, Te Vigos Cosilim!

The reason your left hand should be on your solar plexus is to protect yourself from possible interference by the spirit. Solar plexus is a sensitive area and it is there where they usually hit. Sometimes I would feel a pain in that area after attack, when returning back to my body, but it goes away quickly.

Bellilin is a little different than Jupiter as it entails singing. It can be done each time before doing a practice to clear a room of negativity. You do it out loud every time, but if for whatever reason you cannot, then do it mentally. After that you can do a circle of protection around your room so that nothing of a lower nature can enter in. You can also use it to dispell a neg (or a group of them) in the astral. Unlike Jupiter, you don’t have to point your hand at anyone specific. Just singing Bellilin will affect all of them. In my experience Bellilin has proven even stronger than Jupiter. The recitation goes like this:

Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin,

Amphora of salvation,

I would like to be next to you,

Materialism has no strength next to me,

Bellilin, Bellilin, Bellilin.

Here is how you sing it. You repeat it three times.

You can also perform both of these recitations in the physical world upon a person who acts negatively.  They won’t be as efficient because physical body serves as a shield. In the astral there is no such shield, and if a spirit is negative it will work on them. However the effect can still be significant and some have said that they still managed to clear away negativity from a person upon whom they performed the recitations.

One important thing to mention is, if you ever find yourself in a situation with a neg, it’s always better to re-locate yourself and not waste any time on them. Because the astral has less dimensional laws than our world, it is possbile to teleport where you want to go.  One of the techniques for teleporting while in the astral involves visualizing a location and feeling it around yourself. You can at first experiment how that works with locations that are very familiar to you and which you won’t have any problem visualizing. The key aspect of this technique is to FEEL yourself in a location you want to teleport to. Protective recitations are great if you are not good in quickly changing locations.

The Circle of Protection

Another very useful thing is the circle of protection. It is done by asking your own Divine Father, which is the main aspect of your Being/Spiritual Self, to order your elemental intercessor (another aspect of your Being) to draw a magical circle of protection around your room so that negative entities cannot enter. You make this petition to your Father out loud (or mentally if you cannot out loud) three times. Then you imagine a small sphere of light (representing your elemental intercessor) making a circle around your room three times. As the sphere moves it leaves a circle of light behind it. You should imagine it going from left to right. Thank the Father once you complete your circle of protection.

This circle is very effective and it prevents those of very low energy to enter it. One time when I woke up within the astral in my room, I heard someone trying to open a door but it couldn’t due to the circle. You can also do it, together with Bellilin, each time you go to sleep so that you protect yourself during the night.

Lastly, enjoy the astral. Don’t let negs get you back to your body by triggering your emotions. There are beautiful places in the astral, and negs are usually in the lower levels of the astral. Once you learn how to move up to higher astral levels you can easily avoid them altogether. Also remember that they cannot harm you, they may try to trick into thinking that they can, but they cannot. Your astral body cannot be harmed. Their main weapon is scaring you back to your body.

Spiritual Protection in the Astral Plane (Part I)

When a seeker is serious about finding the truth about reality and existence, they will eventually encounter negative entities in the astral plane. Negative entities, also known as negs, are spirits that decided to follow the dark path, which involves strengthening and increasing negative inner aspects, such as anger, lust, pride, envy etc. The more they advance within this dark path, the more bestial they become, both internally and in their appearance, until eventually they turn into demons.

Many people these days have astral experiences, but most of them unfortunately do not know the potentials of it and are not aware that they can get some amazing answers about life, death and countless other mysteries. Many of them are also just not interested in it and are using the astral to indulge in their mundane desires. However, there are seekers who genuinely yearn for knowledge and they are the ones which, if they persist for long enough, will eventually be noticed by negative entities. Negs main weapon is scaring seekers so that their experience ends without achieving anything concrete.

Fortunately, special recitations exists that can ward them off. These recitations are words of a higher nature that are charged with positive energy. Since the nature of negs is of a very low type, they cannot stand this high energy and as a result they flee or get “frozen” (by this I mean that they cannot move for a while).

Recitations also serve a purpose of verifying if a being you are talking to in the astral is negative or not. Often we can sense energy of the spirit we commune with, but sometimes we cannot and then it’s good to perform a check, especially if they are telling us something out of place. However, don’t overdo it by using it on every spirit you encounter because you can get emotional end excited when doing it which can get you back to your body. Use it when it is obvious that you should use it or when you feel that something is not right.

You can also use it if you invoke a spiritual master to see if it is really a master that showed up. With spiritual beings you can often sense high loving energy, and in that case there is no need to use recitations because negs do not have love. Another way to recognize negs is by looking into their eyes. The more developed toward darkness they are, the more negative and deform their eyes will be. They are using seekers own emotions against them (usually by making them angry, excited and fearful) to get them back to their body.

Most of the negs I encountered looked more or less like every other human spirit. Demons on the other hand look bestial and are more difficult to fight with, but protective techniques work on them as well, you just need to be more focused when using it and not allowing their appereance to scare you. Like it’s the case with normal negs, their main weapon is also using your own fear against you in order to send you back to your physical body.

There are also many helpers out there that are helping us in many ways, either by showing themselves so that we see them, or just by influencing a situation without necessary making themselves known. Once I was passing by some place and a neg spotted me and started attacking me with fists, which is silly because you do not feel pain in the astral. Nevertheless, I got emotional about it and started to call for help. At that very moment some woman came, and as she was approaching us the neg ran away.

Protective techniques  are described in the Part II of this topic.