Silencing the Mind With Mantra Wu

Mantra WU is a very good mantra to bring the mind to a decent level of stillness in a relatively short period of time. I was amazed of its effects when I finally learned how to do it properly. I searched for years on how to actually do it, because it’s not fully clear from the description in Samael’s books. Finally I learned how to do it correctly.

After getting in a comfortable position, start relaxing your body. Once that’s done, move to vocalizing the mantra Wu. You have to imitate the sound of a hurricane, a strong wind, which is the sound similar to vowel U. However, you do not release the sound U in its full tone as it’s usually pronounced. Instead, you want to create it’s subtle aspect, centered in the throat. Like the sound of a hurricane. Experiment with this and see how it affects you. Once you reached the stillness of the mind, stop vocalizing the mantra. From there on you can move to another practice, or you can just continue sitting still with eyes closed, enjoying the inner peacefulness. What I like to do after this practice is observing my sense of self, my consciousness. Focusing on consciousness can enable you to go deeper within yourself and reach various insights.

You can also use mantra WU as the preparatory stage into practices that require great focus of the mind, such as astral projection, analysis of the subconscious state, etc. You can also just continue pronouncing the mantra for longer to see how much more can you silence the mind. Another thing you can do is to vocalize it only mentally, and trying to reach complete silence, in all the levels of the mind. Whatever you decide to do, don’t be afraid of experimenting with it.

Wu Wen chanted the mantra “WU”; with “U,” he imitated the sound of the wind in a mountain ravine and the sound of the sea crashing against the beach. Wu Wen knew how to intelligently combine meditation and sleep. Wu Wen vocalized his mantra mentally and thought of nothing. – from the book The Buddha’s Necklace by Samael Aun Weor



Possible Psychic Development In Ancient Egypt

Artwork by Gilbert Williams

Developing psychic abilities is something that many people interested in spirituality would like to achieve. These abilities are related to the non-physical senses, or chakras, of our higher bodies. When chakras develop pass the certain point, a psychic powers emerges (such as telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, polyvision etc.). Most common way for people to access such is unintentionally through meditation and going to deep relaxation states, but there are also deliberate ways of triggering them, such as by using sound or visualisation. The following is the excerpt from the book Memories of Reincarnation by Grace Cooke. It contains an interesting description of how people of ancient Egypt were developing their psychic faculties starting from childhood, through sharpening their physical senses:

“When, at seven years old, children were sent to a communal school, they were already used to putting the community before themselves. Early education was devised to open the way for psychic development through the natural, full and correct use of the five senses, so that the soul-body was helped in its growth. Even tiny children were encouraged to be observant. Thus, Ra-min-ati was early instructed in exercises that taught her to make use of her eyes, watching the cloud-shapes, noting the direction of the wind, spotting birds on the wing, noting the unfoldment of buds and formation of fruit. This was a favorite game, played in field or garden, that we called “I spy”.

Another game was listening to the wind, birdsong, insect or animal noises, the oars and paddles of barges on the river, which so quickened their sense of hearing that children grew extremely sensitive sometimes even to what is normally beyond the limit of hearing, such as music of fairy pipes or fairy songs. To develop their sense of touch, children played with sand and learnt to mold clay into the form of birds and animals. They made bricks and sun-baked them, colouring them with bright water-dyes. They built models of houses, workshops and temples. Teachers, and sometimes one or both parents, would join in the games. Ra-min-ati’s father invented the game of guessing plant, tree or flower by its perfume. The children were blindfolded and led within a yard of some bush or tree; then, guided by their sense of smell, they would name it. If they did so correctly, their eyes were freed; if not, they had to try the scent of one plant after another until they found the right answer. In time, they could actually smell the aura of anyone who approached, and could guess who it might be.

Ra-min-ati bathed daily with her brothers and sisters in a pool near the house. They liked to feel air and water on their bodies as they splashed and played water-games with brightly coloured balls. Food was simple and pure, consisting chiefly of fruits, nuts, vegetables both cooked and raw, lentils, rice, corn, wheat meal, and sometimes the flesh of ox or wild duck. They drank goat’s milk, wine and unfermented fruit-juices, especially orange-juice. Ra-min-ati learned early to distinguish the flavour of fruit, vegetable, herb or nut and to draw the maximum of taste and nourishment from them. This too helped to develop the subtler senses of the soul-body. Indeed, the children well understood that their senses were ports of entry, open not only to the sight, sound, taste, smell and touch of physical objects but to the etheric counterpart; they knew that the etheric system flashed knowledge through sensory experience to the mind. The aura is an emanation from the soul-body, a vibration produced by thought and emotion. By means of it, people can become aware of invisible life. The education of the senses was in fact designed to enhance awareness of normally invisible, impalpable, inaudible forms in the light-world, and Ra-min-ati was taught later how to look into it.”

How To Lift Yourself Up When Feeling Low

Stroll in the HimalayasThere are many influences around us that can make us feel low. However, the main culprits are negative, heavy and low emotions and states within us that can ruin our entire days, weeks and even months. Some of them are depression, negativity, anger, envy, lack of self-worth, anxiety etc. etc. The best way to free yourself from those states is through self-knowledge, by using  techniques such as awareness, self-observation, and elimination of those low emotions and thoughts (egos).  That’s concrete and permanent way. However, you can also apply some spiritual techniques during the day that will lift your inner state up. Even though it’s temporary, it’s better than nothing.

All of the methods I’ll mention in this post have at its core the activation of consciousness/essence,  the spiritual part of us, that which is aware of life and what we truly are. Because consciousness is of spiritual nature, its activation triggers spiritual feelings and energies within, such as peace, love and compassion, with varying intensity depending on the spiritual development of an individual. For example, if some people have worked on eliminating egos and thus liberating particles of consciousness from it, they will have larger consciousness than those who haven’t done it, which means that their capacity for experiencing spiritual states will be greater. In any case, applying spiritual technique can silence your mind, lift you up from heavy states, and give you peace and love. Here are some of the ways:

Awareness. Very simple yet very powerful technique. With it you awaken your consciousness from slumber of daydreams and hazziness. It’s prerequisite for all other techniques to work. You do it by simply becoming aware of the moment – of yourself and the environment that you’re in. Become aware of what you peceive through your five senses, be aware of your body, of a space surrounding it, be aware of your thoughts and emotions. When you feel down or want to lift yourself up, first try and be aware, and then you can move to some of other techniques I’ll mention. It’s best if you do it as much as possible. You can read more about awareness here and here.

Meditation  girl(s)Meditation.  A great way to calm your mind and body, and to activate consciousness, the spiritual part of you. It has tremendous benefits on your mental, emotional and physical healt, and it is also used as a tool for spiritual development. People have different reasons for practicing it. Most just want some peace and clarity. However it can also be used as a tool for self-knowledge, to more deeply experience spiritual within you, and even to temporarily free yourself from all the human layers (body, mind, personality, egos) and to exist as pure consciousness in a dimension of bliss. Here I’ll focus on meditation as a toold to lift you up when you feel low.

One of a technique I really like is concentration on a breath. You sit or lay down in a comfortable position and start by relaxing your body. Then start concentrating on breathing. Simply observe how your body is breathing. Do not try to control the way you breath. Breathing is a mechanical and natural function of the body and you do not need to manipulate it. Simply observe how the body inhale the air through the nose, how the air cools nostrils, how it’s going through your body and lifts up your stomach and then goes out again through the nose. In this practice you are observer of a natural process and you do not interfere. All you need to do here is to concentrate on that process. Doing this will quiet your mind and bring peaceful  state of being. Do this technique for 10-30 minutes. If you are used to meditation then do it for however long you feel comftorable.

Another technique which can be very enjoyable is concentration on the heart beats. When in comfortable and relaxed position, start concentrating on your heart beats. If you cannot feel them then take a few deep breats and hold it for a bit. Once you start feeling them you simply concentrate on them. Remember to  always come back to concentration when thoughts take you away, and try lessen the amount of time you spend daydreaming. As with every other spiritual practice/tecnnique, you get the most out of it when you are concentrated throughout the practice. One other benifit with focusing on this technique is that there are higher chances of feeling the flow of love through your heart.

Another variation of a heart practice is that you visualise a temple inside your heart. Visualise a beautiful natural place in your heart, and a temple amidst that inspiring landscape. Go inside that temple and explore it. In many different spiritual traditions it is said that a heart is a throne of divinity within us. This temple represents that spiritual place, so don’t be surprised if you have deeply spiritual experience while there.

Meditation 2Mantra meditation. Every sound has certain effect on your psyche. The relaxing sound of birds, ocean waves, or brook, has different effect than the noise of a car or of a construction site. The same goes for different types of music. The sound of a spiritual mantra has an uplifting effect on consciousness. There are many spiritual mantras that can lift you from feeling low. Different mantra sounds have different effects. They are most effective when pronounced out loud. You should sit in a comfortable position in an area of the house that you find more quiet or sacred, or you can also go to a nice place in nature (if safe).  Close your eyes, briefly relax your body from tension, and start vocalizing the mantra. I will mention a few of them here:

OM. Om signifies the primordial sound, Absolute Being, the source of all Creation. First take a deep breath and then elongate the sound like this: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM.

AUM. Another sound signifying the Absolute Being. It should be pronounced like this: AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM.

OM TAT SAT. A sacred mantra from Bhagavad Gita. It means “Absolute Being, that which is eternal”. It can also be translated as “God above, everywhere, here.” It’s also vocalised by elongating the sound, like this:

OM MANI PADME HUM. Famous, and deeply spiritual, Tibetan mantra of compassion. According to Samael Aun Weor, it can be translated as “Oh my God in me”. There are many ways of pronouncing it. The way I most often do it is by elongating each sylable, like this: (1st breath) OOOOOOOOOOOMMMM, (2nd breath) MMMAAAAAAAAAAAA, (3rd breath) NNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, (4th breath) PAAAAAADMEEEEEEE. (5th breath) UUUUUUUUUUUMMMM. Here is a singing version of it.

IO. This is one of the names of Universal and personal Divine Mother. By chanting this mantra her presence may be sensed, which helps to strenghten your relationship with her. Her help throughout life is immense, especially if one is working with her on the esoteric path to awakening. It can be done in one breath or two separete breaths. If one then it goes like this: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO.

While chanting it you should focus on the sound of it. Mantras not only activate the consciousness, but also the chakras. This in turn can unblock culminations of energy throughout the body and lift your state even more.  All the vowels in above mentioned mantras are pronounced as latin sounds, the same as they are pronounced in languages such as German, Italian, Spanish etc. A is pronounced as in the word “arm”, E like in the word “destiny”, I like “e” in the word “East”, O like “a” in the word “always”, and U like in the word “too”. Choose one of the mantra at a time and chant it for 10-30 minutes. You can do it several times per day if you find it helps.

Music. Listening to a music that feeds the soul is a very effective way to lift yourself up when feeling low. Music for the soul is some of classical music, andean music, and generally everything that stirs your soul. Some of my favorites are:

Beethoven – 6th symphony (Allegreto)
Beethoven – 7th symphoy (Allegreto)
Beethoven – 9th symphoy (Adagio)
Beethoven – Piano concerto 3 (Largo)
J.S. Bach – Air
Pachelbel – Canon in D major
Handel – Largo from Xerxes
Mozart – Piano concerto 27 (Larghetto)
Mozart – Harp and Flute concerto (Andante)
Mozart – Laudate Dominum
Joanne Shenandoah – Dance of the North
Stellardrone – Cepheid
Stellardrone – Ascent
Jonn Serrie – Sunday Morning Peace

When choosing music it’s important that it’s not the one that stimulates your emotions such as melancholy, depression, lust, nostalgy, excitment, or any other low emotions. It should be something for the soul alone. This then will activate your consciousness and lift you up from a low state. It’s best if you have your eyes closed when listening and concentrate on the music, not letting thoughts to take you away.

Photoxpress_36748386(s)Sun. Air. Earth. Using the elements can also be one of the way to lift yourself up. It’s best though if it is used as an addition to some of the above suggestions. Energy of the sun is powerful and can stimulate both our aura,  physical and lighter bodies in a great way. Too much sun exposure at certain times of the year and day can be dangerous so be mindful of that. Fresh air is another thing that can help uplift you.
Energy from the earth is also something that can help. It’s very beneficial to have bare feet on the natural ground (soil, grass, sand etc.) 30-60 minutes a day (or even longer if you have opportunity), if it’s warm enough, of course.  One could easily fill that 30-60 minutes by doing a spiritual practice and/or reading a book, in a sitting position and having bare feet on the ground.

Going for a walk is another thing that can be of great help to feel better. It’s best if you could go for a walk in nature, if it’s safe. That’s because nature has very beneficial and calming effect on the psyche. During the walk you can practice being aware in the moment. Even if you live in a city you can benefit by going for an awareness walk.

These are just some of the things that you can do to lift yourself up. There are many other practices and activities and I may mention them more here at another time, but what is essentially important is an activity. When you’re feeling down, you’re trapped into a vicious cycle of pleasure and pain. In another words, by feeling painful and low emotions you naturally try to escape them by giving in to pleasures, such as eating, playing games, sexual gratification etc. But that eventually brings more pain which perpetuates the cycle and you continue feeling low. You can temporarily rise above this cycle by doing the spiritual activities I’ve mentioned above.

Why Orgasms Are So Spiritually Harmful

Sexual energy is a very powerful energy that is part of the human being in many ways. It is a creative energy, which can be observed by the obvious example of procreation, but it can also be used to transform oneself spiritually. Sexual energy is often mistaken for lustful sensations and emotions that manifest in genitals, torso and the mind, but it is actually a different thing.  It is a force that sustain us, and that can ultimately liberate us from all suffering. Using sexual energies to transform oneself spiritually is done in the practice called alchemy (White Tantra), which as a base has transmutation of that sexual force. It is a sacred sex between a loving couple where mixed sexual energy of man and woman become the ‘prima materia’ of the old alchemists, the key ingredient of transforming ‘the lead of the personality into the gold of the spirit’, a process that takes place within the inner laboratory which is the human body.

Even if you don’t transmute the sexual energy within the practice of alchemy, but are just storing it by being chaste and are working on the first key for spiritual awakening (elimination of egos) and are transmuting it in the way that I will describe bellow, you would see that the amount of your physical, emotional and mental strength has increased significantly. Your inner state would be much improved – you would be much more balanced, focused, and perceptive. The sense of genuine happiness would occur more often; mental and psychic abilities would improve, your spiritual practices would get on a new level, your aura (which is also the sexual energy) would grow and offer more protection, and much more.

Now, with every orgasm (regardless of how it happens), the stored sexual energy is released outwards and lost. The result of that is strengthening of the egos (psychic defects, such as lust, anger, fear, pride etc.), reviving of some of the egos you have eliminated, and general loss of the sexual energy. Even if you never worked on yourself spiritually in a manner of removing egos and being chaste, you may still feel the after-effects in terms of noticing low states within you and/or feeling a lack of energy.

However, if you have been working on yourself for a while and have been storing the energy, the difference would be very obvious. You would feel  low, the mind would be more scattered, the percepetion of oneself and the world would shrink, and the overall sense of purpose could potentially be more lacking, etc. In short, the pulldown of the orgasm would bring about an obvious spiritual decline to everyone who has done the inner work for reasonable amount of time and has ascended to some degree.
Unfortunately it takes some time of the inner work in order to get back to a higher level and regain what was lost. It is explained that the Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our Being, goes down the spine for one or more vertebrae, depending on the magnitude of the fall. Obviously, the magnitude is less if it happens during sleep, than if it would be a conscious decision.

It is not possible to ascend along the scales of true spiritual development while indulging in orgasms. With each sexual fall or wet dream, the egos strengthen, the consciousness/essence weakens, and the person is kept at the ground level as orgasms continue to happen. To truly progress spiritually one would have to eliminate the egos so that the consciousness that is trapped within them is freed. For true development, the consciousness has to grow and develop, the Kundalini serpent has to rise, and the inner transformation has to occur. All of this is lost with orgasms because lust is continuously fed and the egos keep reviving each time it happens.

It can be very difficult to cut off the addiction to pleasures that the egos of lust and orgasms bring. But if you try and work on yourself you will understand that the lust you feel is illusion, a distortion of reality. It is suffering that keeps us chained to the material dimension of life, bound to material bodies, perceiving them in illusionary way of lust, and continuosly desiring them in unsatiable thirst that rules our lives.
But if you gradually eliminate it and free the particles of consciousness trapped within it, you will get something much different than the animalistic drives and desires.  The heavy energies of lust are then replaced with higher emotions, with something that is real, an energy that is light and beautiful to feel, and of chastity and understanding about what desire is. Alternative is being its slave, kept in the state of ignorance, kept from that which is Real, and kept from developing above the average state of being.

Influence of pork

Pig is an animal with very low energies, and eating it would cause pollution of the psychological centers (mind, emotion, sex etc.), which ultimately cause the human machine to be flooded with lustful feelings. Even if working on lust during the day, at night one would likely to lose the energy in the form of wet dreams (providing of course that one does not have intentional orgasms; if one does have them then eating pork is irrelevant).  It isn’t just pure pork that is causing that, but every food additive that is of pork origin. This is also something that you can verify if you work on yourself for a while, and then eat something that contains pork you will feel heavy lustful emotions in the front torso and genitals. It brings down your state of being and put consciousness in a dizzy state, depending on the amount that is eaten.

If the food you eat has only a small amount of pork based additives, like for example ice-cream, you don’t necessarily have to have wet dream that very night. But as you keep eating it the low energies will build up and after some days the nightly pollution will happen. It is said that it takes approximately 8 days for pork to get out of the system once it’s eaten.

Here  is the list of food additives that is of an animal origin, and hence potentially being of pork. It is a vegetarian list so not all E-numbers here are spiritually harmful because some are made of insects etc.
Many of vitamins B in food products can also be extracted from pork – these are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12. It’s best to get your portion of B vitamins from non-pork sources, like eggs, or verifying from the food manufacturer from where is it extracted. For more information on it see this link

Transmutation of the sexual energies

If you are chaste and don’t have a partner with whom you can transmute the sexual energies in the practice of alchemy, but you are practicing other keys to awakening, then you could transmute the stored sexual energy with a practice called Ham Sah. It is done like this:

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and relax your body. Then inhale very slowly through the nose while in the same time mentally elongating mantra Ham (“a” is pronounced like “a” from the word “are”) (Haaaaaaammmmm) and also imagining a light energy going from your testicles/ovaries up through the spine, into the brain and to the third eye chakra. Then you exhale rapidly and in that rapid exhale pronouncing mantra Sah (“a” here too like in the word “are”)  imaging this light sexual energy (that is stretched up the spine and in the brain) dropping into the heart, where it is deposited. Then during the upcoming short period where your body doesn’t need to inhale for a few seconds, visualise that your heart radiates a glowing light. Then repeat the breathign again.
Do this exercise for as long as you feel comftorable. As with every other exercise, you shouldn’t strain your body to practice more than it feels comfortable. Perhaps starting with less amount of time and gradually coming to half an hour.

It’s necessary to transmute the sexual energy in this way because otherwise, after a while, it would cause a nightly pollution. As one author puts it, “the glass that is full will inevitably spill”. This is related to sexual energies and not semen. Non-ejeculated semen is always naturally pulled upwards by the body and excess is discarded during urination. According to one author, such naturally pulled-up semen enriches the blood hormones and this in turn slows down the aging process. Sexual energy on the other hand is not naturally pulled up – it is required of us to do it with the practice of transmutation.

Due to this type of breathing that entails slow inhalation and rapid exhalation, if you do it properly, you will notice that after each exhalation your lungs won’t require immediate air intake as they normally do. Don’t be scared of that, it’s a normal thing that happens during such breathing exercise. Samael Aun Weor mentions that this exercise can also result in the highest form of samadhi, which is a state of meditation where the consciousness is liberated from all the components of the psyche (body, mind, egos, emotion) and experiences the Reality outside of the dimensions.


Here I wrote what I learned about lust, sexual energy, and orgasms (in the context of spiritual development) from my own experience, but guided by the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor. Refraining from orgasms and transmuting sexual energy is an integral part of the path I’m writing about on this blog. Taking up this spiritual work is definitely not easy, but it brings radical inner change. I understand that not many people are ready for it, but I invite you to reflect if you are.
Conscious work on lust and refraining from orgasm is not the same as typical religious celibacy, because in the former one is consciously learning about lust and transforms it into consciousness, while in the latter, in most cases it is done through surpression, which ultimately leads to failure.

Many people think they are not fit to work on lust in way mentioned in this article, without even giving it a proper try. One receives much spiritual help when embarking on this quest. Without this help from our own Being and other Divine Beings we would probably fail. Thus, praying for understanding of what lust is, what are egos, how lust functions and control us, and also praying for strength and spiritual power, is vital.

HDP, (last revised April 2019)

3rd Key for Awakening – Helping Others Spiritually

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

– Buddha

This key is equally important as the previous two. Helping others spiritually is very basic thing and it’s a requirement to advance along the path. If we don’t do it, it indicates selfishness, and in turn we won’t be helped either. This entire spiritual endeavour to awaken is enormously supported by higher beings – without them we couldn’t do anything concrete in this regard. Egos are very strong and without their help we would succumb to our egos. However, their help comes with requirement, and that is that we help others too.

There are many ways in which we can help. We can share information about awakening, we can offer our understanding when someone shares with us their obstacles on the path, helping them to overcome them. We can share some of our experiences that may inspire others and may possibly provide them with insights (though using common sense on what to share because esoteric experiences taught to us only are personal and shouldn’t be shared). We can help others in their esoteric projects etc. There is much we can do within the 3rd key.

Here are some excerpts about this key from Belzebuub’s Secret Knowledge Hidden Wisdom book:

“As we give, so we receive. If we give spiritually, we receive spiritually. If we give materially, we receive materially. So this type of help is different from charity. With charity we give to the poor, to those who are in need physically; then the dharma that we receive back is physical. If we give spiritually however, we receive spiritually, and this type of dharma is essential for spiritual progress. You cannot be selfish and hope to ascend.  Who has heard of a selfish, spiritual being?”

“In the universe, nothing exists in isolation; everything is part of a system that gives and receives. If we are selfish, we isolate ourselves from this system in relation to spirituality, and therefore are cut off from the influence of giving and receiving in that sphere, of the flow of mutually beneficial spiritual strength.”

“Spreading pseudo-esoteric information and helping organizations who teach or spread it, does not bring dharma or help one to advance spiritually, because it is spreading misinformation that confuses those who are seeking the true path and it works in favor of the forces of darkness. Whoever does this receives karma instead of dharma, and does not progress spiritually, even though they may be well intentioned.”

Spiritual development entails increasing qualities such as love and care for others, and as our capacity for love increases, helping others becomes more and more natural thing to do. It’s important also to share from experience as much as we can, because that holds much more value than only intellectual understanding, although the later is good too in the beginning, and we can acquire more and more experiences as we help others and are seriously practicing and changing ourselves.

HDP, March 2012

2nd Key for Awakening – Alchemy

“First we bring together, then we putrefy, we break down what has been putrefied, we purify the divided, we unite the purified and harden it. In this way is One made from man and woman.”

– Stein der Weisen, 18th century

Alchemy (in the East known as White Tantra) is a practice used for transmutation of internal energies. At one point in the history, the concept of “alchemy” was very popular among people. Exoterically it means transformation of lead into gold. Many people have tried to unravel the mysterious and obscure sacred writings of old alchemists in order to start making gold and to become rich. However, they didn’t know that the essence of alchemy goes much deeper than purely physical transformation, and that it may change the nature of a human being. Spiritual alchemy is a transformation of lead of the personality into the gold of the spirit.

In secret spiritual lodges of the past, the alchemical work was known as the Great Work, and it was something that enabled a person to find salvation from the bondage and limitation of the physical world and egos. Mozart has dedicate his opera The Magic Flute to this work, where the magic flute used by two main characters is actually the practice of alchemy, which helped both of them to pass through trials and initiations. Generally, a lot of secrecy surrounded this practice in the past. It was given only to those who were ready for it.

Essentially, it is a sexual practice, performed by male and female, a married couple. When the opposite polarities unite, they have the power of creation. With normal sexual intercourse, a couple can create another physical body. But when sex is used in a spiritual way, it is said that a couple can transform their energetic structure, create higher spiritual bodies, as well as eliminate egos.

The practice is done without lust, and it doesn’t end with orgasm. With alchemy, the kundalini rises up the spiritual bodies that are created. Love is a requirement for kundalini to rise. If orgasm is reached, sexual energy (the prime creative force, crucial for the goal of this practice) is wasted, which further strengthens and creates new egos. Orgasms in general are detrimental for spiritual awakening (read this article  for more information).

Man and woman work together to destroy the animal ego

When the united male and female sexual energy is transmuted and conserved, it goes on creating the spiritual within.

The practice can be used for both “birth” and “death” – the birth of the spiritual within and the death of the egos. It is paramount that it is done in conjunction with the other two keys for the awakening, especially the death of the egos. This is because the transmuted energy can be used by both consciousness and the egos. With elimination of the egos from moment to moment, we prevent egos from using this energy, so it goes only to consciousness.

It is a delicate practice, so I am not revealing the full information on how to practice it. It is also an advance practice, that throughout history was given only to a spiritually prepared couple. In this era Samael Aun Weor has explained it for everyone to know, yet still the particulars are explained by a qualified teacher.

A person’s approach to sexuality is a sign of her or his level of evolution. Unevolved persons practice ordinary sexual intercourse. Placing all emphasis upon the sexual organs, they neglect the body’s other organs and systems.  Whatever physical energy is accumulated is summarily discharged (through orgasm), and the subtle energies are similarly dissipated and disordered. It is a great backward leap.” – Lao Tzu