Connecting with Divine Mother through mantra IO

The Valkyries Vigil

Vocalizing mantras is a great way to activate that which is spiritual within us, such as our chakras and consciousness. Vocalizing sounds of the mantra has the power to make our chakras vibrate, and our consciousness to temporarily wake up. Maintaining our consciousness (our true self) awake, is another story – it requires persistent efforts and a change in our way of being. Continue reading


Developing the Power of Intuition


Intuition is a useful skill that can benefit everyone. We can use it in all spheres of life, from small daily activities such as knowing in which cue to stand in the supermarket, to tackling difficult situations, to avoiding danger, knowing which path to take, interpreting dreams and symbolic teachings from the Astral plane, and much more. It has infinite number of uses, and it can be developed and sharpened to the point of becoming a clear “sixth sense”. It is said that this ability is coming from our higher nature, from our Being. That’s why  listening to it is in our best interest, regardless of how small or big the thing presented before us is.

The faculty of intuition is connected with the heart chakra, and there are techniques that we can practice to develop it. I will describe some of those practices, coming from the teachings of Gnosis, or more specifically from a spiritual master Samael Aun Weor. Continue reading

Dream Yoga And Seeking Guidance in Dreams

Dream yoga is a term often used for some kind of control over dreams, such as in lucid dreaming, or using them for specific purpose. In the video I’ll share here the instructor describes the technique of what one must do in order to use dreams to their advantage. By applying this technique, you can become lucid in dream, have astral projection, receive guidance about any issue you are facing, etc.

The technique is very simple – you just need to have intention in mind as you are falling asleep, and consciously repeating it over and over. This technique has much more potency than just requesting something once before sleep, or performing it at some other time of day. Continue reading

Silencing the Mind With Mantra Wu

Mantra WU is a very good mantra to bring the mind to a decent level of stillness in a relatively short period of time. I was amazed of its effects when I finally learned how to do it properly. I searched for years on how to actually do it, because it’s not fully clear from the description in Samael’s books. Finally I learned how to do it correctly.

After getting in a comfortable position, start relaxing your body. Once that’s done, move to vocalizing the mantra Wu. You have to imitate the sound of a hurricane, a strong wind, which is the sound similar to vowel U. However, you do not release the sound U in its full tone as it’s usually pronounced. Instead, you want to create it’s subtle aspect, centered in the throat. Like the sound of a hurricane. Experiment with this and see how it affects you. Once you reached the stillness of the mind, stop vocalizing the mantra. From there on you can move to another practice, or you can just continue sitting still with eyes closed, enjoying the inner peacefulness. What I like to do after this practice is observing my sense of self, my consciousness. Focusing on consciousness can enable you to go deeper within yourself and reach various insights. Continue reading

Possible Psychic Development In Ancient Egypt

Artwork by Gilbert Williams

Developing psychic abilities is something that many people interested in spirituality would like to achieve. These abilities are related to the non-physical senses, or chakras, of our higher bodies. When chakras develop pass the certain point, a psychic powers emerges (such as telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, polyvision etc.). Most common way for people to access such is unintentionally through meditation and going to deep relaxation states, but there are also deliberate ways of triggering them, such as by using sound or visualisation. The following is the excerpt from the book Memories of Reincarnation by Grace Cooke. It contains an interesting description of how people of ancient Egypt were developing their psychic faculties starting from childhood, through sharpening their physical senses: Continue reading

How To Lift Yourself Up When Feeling Low

Stroll in the Himalayas
There are many influences around us that can make us feel low. However, the main culprits are negative, heavy and low emotions and states within us that can ruin our entire days, weeks and even months. Some of them are depression, negativity, anger, envy, lack of self-worth, anxiety etc. etc. The best way to free yourself from those states is through self-knowledge, by using  techniques such as awareness, self-observation, and elimination of those low emotions and thoughts (egos).  That’s concrete and permanent way. However, you can also apply some spiritual techniques during the day that will lift your inner state up. Even though it’s temporary, it’s better than nothing. Continue reading

Why Orgasms Are So Spiritually Harmful

Sexual energy is a very powerful energy that is part of the human being in many ways. It is a creative energy, which can be observed by the obvious example of procreation, but it can also be used to transform oneself spiritually. Sexual energy is often mistaken for lustful sensations and emotions that manifest in genitals, torso and the mind, but it is actually a different thing.  It is a force that sustain us, and that can ultimately liberate us from all suffering. Using sexual energies to transform oneself spiritually is done in the practice called alchemy (White Tantra), which as a base has transmutation of that sexual force. It is a sacred sex between a loving couple where mixed sexual energy of man and woman become the ‘prima materia’ of the old alchemists, the key ingredient of transforming ‘the lead of the personality into the gold of the spirit’, a process that takes place within the inner laboratory which is the human body. Continue reading