Spring Equinox and Moving to a new Website

Hi everyone, this is an announcement that in three days I will launch a new website www.AscendingPath.org

I will launch it soon after the sunrise of the Spring Equinox (the first day of spring), which will take place on Friday March 20th.

It has been almost nine years that I’m running the Highest Quest blog, but now the time has come to move to another place.

Master Samael Aun Weor has explained to us about the important connection of the path of the sun to ones own inner Being, as well as the spiritual work by which the Being can incarnate within. The spring equinox represents the time when an important aspect of this inner Being resurrects by first incarnating in all of our inner spiritual bodies. This is the path of the Sun-Christ.

During the time of the spring equinox, the light of the sun is victorious over the preceding winter. It is the time when spring comes and the light becomes stronger and with it also comes life in increased form; all of it to culminate with the Summer Solstice, which represents another great stage in the path of initiations.

Even though the world is currently going through crisis and fear took hold of many, it is beneficial to acknowledge the coming of the new spring and of the new cycle of activity that it brings.  It is a great time to reconnect with nature; trying to feel its deeper aspect which is the Mother Nature – the overwhelming presence that nourishes everything – and also feeling the light of the sun, how it touches the Earth and gives her life.

I wish we all understand the colossal importance of the sacrifice of the Sun-Christ, who sacrificed himself out of love and compassion for others, through many individuals throughout history; not forgetting that this intrinsic value of sacrifice is directly related to the spiritual path and the transforming effects that it has on our own lives.

Using Koan Meditation for Silencing the Mind

One of the good ways to silence the mind (and subsequently activate your consciousness) is through a technique known as the koans. This old Zen Buddhist method for meditation involves pondering on enigmatic phrases, questions or sentences that are without an answer, or that the mind has a difficult finding an answer to. However, “pondering” in this case does not refer to thinking about it, but rather shining the light of consciousness on it in the state of inner stillness. Continue reading

Preparing for Meditation

Before starting a meditation, regardless if just starting out with this practice or if already practicing it for some time, it is important to prepare for it. When novice in meditation starts practicing it, they don’t take enough time to do what is necessary to prepare for it. It is often thought that meditation is like any other hobby or activity in which you jump straight into from whatever else you were doing before. But meditation differs from that, in that it requires a proper atmosphere, and also a proper mental and emotional state. Continue reading

Significant Spiritual Level Means Access to Psychic Perceptions?

Not long ago I have read a book by Peter Deunov (also known as Beinsa Douno) who was a popular spiritual teacher in Europe in the first half of the 20th century, and has mostly taught a type of spirituality that incorporates something of Western Esotericism and Christianity. There are some insightful things in that book, but also one very common misconception when it comes to spiritual development. Continue reading

A Deeper Meaning Behind “Expansion of Consciousness”

An image of the Buddha sitting in meditation, with large consciousness permanently expanded from his head.

In the last few decades there has been a lot of talk in various spiritual circles about expansion of consciousness; that in order to be spiritual, the person needs to expand their consciousness. Many people say that by using meditation or some other spiritual practices, that they have expanded their consciousness. If you would to inquire more about what they mean by this, often time you would get an answer that they have become more aware in daily life and more conscious of the things that previously they were not. Continue reading

Deep States of Relaxation: Their Spiritual and Physical Benefits

On the path of self-discovery, many people take up meditative mystical practices in order to reach deeper information about reality of themselves and the Universe, so to discover things that go beyond what their physical senses can perceive. Often time such practices involve relaxing the physical body so that there is no tension, and therefore no distraction. In this process of learning a new practice, many do not go deep enough into that stage of relaxation, and they miss out on enormous benefits that such practice can give them. Continue reading

Is Environment Important when Searching for Truth?

Often time one can hear a statement that “the truth is inside you so you don’ have to go anywhere to discover it, because you already have it within”. If going by this logic, then we should just stay at home, read a lot of books, or do an online course and we will eventually discover the truth within. But one can wonder, is it really so simple? And, can we really say that such process is valid for everyone? Continue reading