Is balance between good and evil necessary when seeking spiritual awakening?

At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away - Valentine Cameron PrinsepLot of books on spirituality these days claim how it is important to maintain the balance between “good“ and “evil“ side on the path to spiritual awakening. Sometimes an author (who may claim to be a guru, a spiritual being, or even a non-physical entity passing on its message) may appear to be knowledgeable and can also use occult/esoteric terminology, and sometimes they may even say something with deeper meaning or something you could find useful. These bits and pieces of usefulness may mislead a seeker who is looking for depth if they make conclusion about the value of the overall message based on that. Unless of course they have enough of inner experience with esoteric matters that would help them recognize the superficiality. If a person has this ability to discern, then they won’t only notice problems with such statements, but will also feel that the book/message overall is missing depth.

It is very popular these days to believe in the need for balance when it comes to spiritual progress, and the strong purporters of such beliefs point at symbology such as Ying/Yang as their justifications, as well as to nature. It’s true that balance is strongly embedded aspect of our universe, and nature itself can be a great source of inspiration, strength, healing, and even spiritual instructions (some patterns in the trees, waves, plants, etc. in themselves hold a teaching of a higher creational aspect). At the same time though nature is cruel, mechanical, and enslaving, and it keeps all beings under its command, bound to the physical dimension through the robotic subconscious elements which all creatures of the Earth possess.

Spiritual awakening is something else. As spiritual masters and sages have said, when moving towards awakening one is in fact liberating oneself from nature, from the subconscious drives such as lust, pride, anger, fear etc., and that requires a decision to sacrifice these dark aspects for the light to shine in us. You cannot have half the light and half the darkness and expect to achieve spiritual freedom, which is the freedom from Samsara (wheel of life, continuous return to this physical plane), because in order to achieve such freedom one needs to sacrifice the darkness for the light. As spiritual teacher Belsebuub once said, the darkness of the egos and the light of the Being are two incompatible substances. Thus, if your goal is the complete spiritual awakening, the decision must be made about which of these two you want.

For most people interested in spirituality complete awakening is not the goal, or at least on the deeper level they are not interested in it, while on the surface they may have convinced themselves that they are. And then it’s easy to justify oneself with the ever present notion of the “importance to have good and evil side balanced“. Another issue is that people are so unbalanced in favor of the darkness within that it would take years and years of hard work to even reach the real balance. Yet people think that they already have it, and that the only thing they need to do is to meditate, keep calm, and indulge less in the things they know are animalistic. In this way the spiritual work never even starts for most people, because they are too afraid of replacing their dark side with that of light.

The full awakening means to transcend nature, to transcend the emotions, thoughts and desires that keep us chained to this physical reality. By working in that direction we slowly free ourselves from nature’s grip, and then knowledge, wisdom and higher inner states of the Being become our guiding star that pushes us in the direction of the spiritual.


Mysteries of the Universe Written in Nature

Oldman by Gilbert Williams

Wise men and women often said how one can get incredible knowledge just by studying the most minute things in nature, such as a leave of a tree, or a plant, a flower, a snail, and so on. If you take one of those things and really try to observe it with consciousness, with intention to learn about its secrets, you may find yourself getting intuitive insights. That happened because you used your consciousness to get the answers, rather than the mind/intellect. And because of a high probability that on a higher dimensional level we are all One consciousness, you and the object of your study connected on the spiritual level. Imagine then what knowledge can be gained by studying larger objects, such as a tree, a mountain, a cloud, a sea, or the stars.

The following excerpt is from Rudolf Steiner’s lecture, called The Easter festival in relation to the mysteries:

“Much of what is now human wisdom was, in ancient times, enclosed in the Temple walls. It escaped the Temple walls, it is written in the Ether of the World and is visible there as soon as a man rises to spiritual Imagination.

This imagination is, as it were, the interpreter of the secret of the stars.

Thus we may say, within the Ether of the World are written what were once upon a time the secrets of the Temples and we can read them imaginatively.

But we can also put it differently and it still remains the same. We can also say: “I rise in the starlit night and look up to the heavens and give myself up to the impression of it all.”

And if I have the necessary faculty, all that is contained in the forms of the constellations and in the movements of the planets is transformed as it were into a great cosmic script. And when we read the cosmic script a real content emerges…

These things are to be read entirely in the cosmic writing, when the stars mean more to us than something merely to be calculated mathematically and mechanically, namely when they become for us the letters of the cosmic script.”


Erzengel Gabriel, Reni GuidoTo be awake. What does it mean to be awake? What does it mean to be here and now, to be completely and fully awake? Not to be awake is to be asleep, or half-awake. So much time of our daily life is spent in identification with thoughts and emotions, which inevitably bring about daydreaming. Considering all that, how much time of our lives are we truly awake? There are times when we can be, for our standards, very awake. In those moments it seems that time ceases – there is nothing else but the now, and the consciousness experiencing that eternal moment of life. When a person taps into that, they experience a true joy, possibly realizing that everything they considered happiness up until that moment is of a lesser quality, or not a true happiness at all.

We may say then that at that moment the person experienced a spiritual wakefulness, the wakefulness of life, of consciousness. What they experienced is based on their capacity to experience – what may be the maximum limit for that person could be an incipient level for a fully awakened Being.

How amazingly wonderful it is to become more and more awake, to raise up from the coffin into vibrant beauty of life. To be awake is to sacrifice those aspects within that drag us to sleep, those shadowy elements of our psyche, the heavy load. The following are the words of Buddha from the sacred text od Dhammapada, on wakefulness:

Wakefulness is the way to life.
The fool sleeps as if he were already dead,
but the master is awake and he lives forever.

He watches. He is clear. How happy he is!
For he sees the wakefulness is life.
How happy he is, following the path of the awakened.

With great perseverance he meditates,
seeking freedom and happiness.

So awake, reflect, watch. Work with care and attention.
Live in the way and the light will grow in you.

By watching and working the master makes for himself
an island which the flood cannot overwhelm.

The fool is careless. But the master guards his watching.
It is his most precious treasure.

He never gives in to desire. He meditates.
And in the strength of his resolve he discovers true happiness.

He overcomes desire – and from the tower of wisdom
he looks down with dispassion upon the sorrowing crowd.
From the mountaintop he looks down on those
who live close to the ground.

Mindful among the mindless,
awake while others dream,
swift as a race horse he outstrips the field.

By watching Indra became king of the gods.
How wonderful it is to watch, how foolish to sleep.

The beggar who guards his mind
and fears the waywardness of his thoughts
burns through every bond with the fire of his vigilance.

The beggar who guards his mind and fears his own confusion
cannot fall. He has found the way to peace.

Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 2)

Perhaps the most intense experience I had while traveling in Mexico was in the ancient site of Yagul, in Oaxacan Valley. The site was inhabited by Zapotecs, thousands of years ago. There was something special about the mountains surrounding the site, and because it was tucked in and secluded, one could have a richer experience. It was a beautiful sunny day. After walking through this ancient site and trying to get the feel for it, I have sat down under a tree on a courtyard, which in the past has been surrounded by temples. I felt this courtyard had the highest spiritual significance back then, and its positioning in relation to other parts of the city helped strengthen the already manifested wonderment and awe. “Something profound was going on here”, I thought.

The ancient site of Yagul.
The ancient site of Yagul.


So I sat under a tree, relaxed, and went on to silence the mind. Then I visualized that courtyard, trying to perceive how it looked like in its golden age. Images were forming strong, yet most of insights came through feeling. I then stood up, closed my eyes again, and imagined with a strong intent that my body is encompassed by the ancient time, like that trying to perceive through the third eye what is around me. I could feel and sense myself there, thousands of years ago. This method came to me intuitively on the spot, and the results motivated me a lot. Again, images were there, but not as clear as the feeling. In the end I did Runic exercises on that same spot. Doing some of the deeply spiritual runic postures in front of the esoteric temple, was a profound experience. At that point I was connected to the past of this ancient place in way I never knew is possible. It’s hard to describe in words how I felt, and the feelings that were brought about.

In front of this temple is where I did the practices.
In front of this temple is where I did the practices.

The following quote comes to mind:

“Our mental screens are impregnated with atoms of past civilizations, and though we think of them as dead and buried, yet within these screens these atoms will still contact us to those civilizations that are now far in advance of our own. And the student can contact their golden ages of culture and intelligence; civilizations that will take this world many centuries to achieve. For example, although Egypt is considered but a remnant of an ardent glory, in the inner planes we can still enter her periods of illumination and wisdom, and discover what the world can gain with such a consciousness.
The student should always remember that space-time is non-existent on the inner planes. That everything IS. Thus he will learn that within him are atoms representing higher development than his.” ~ from the Dayspring of Youth by M

Uxmal, Yucatan

Another interesting occurrence while using the same type of technique happened in the sacred city of Uxmal in Yucatan. That is another sacred site which has the aura of spiritual glory, with its powerful and peaceful energy still imbuing the site. At one point I came before the Great Temple of Uxmal. In front of it was a sign “Climbing is dangerous”. I never saw this sign in any other sacred site I previously visited in Mexico, and so I was somewhat put back by it. The temple was huge, and it had many stairs. I decided to climb up. On top, a Mexican man whom I’ve seen in the bus when coming to Uxmal (he was then reading some interesting esoteric script), was meditating. I joined him in meditation. For a while there was nobody else except us. Granted, due to hot weather not many people were in Uxmal anyways, but lucky for us there was none on this temple (I think that the sign at the bottom had something to do with keeping people away).

The Pyramid of the Magican.
The Pyramid of the Magican.


So I went to meditation, trying first to calm the mind. Then I tried to perceive the city of Uxmal how it was in the ancient times. The experience I had up there was very moving and intense. Again, more focused on feeling then image, but the image was there as well. In my mind’s eye I’ve seen the glory and power of this ancient site. At one point I opened my eyes and looked up into the sky. Up there I’ve seen two birds of prey soaring very high up. The silence, the birds of prey, the meditation, the atmosphere and the energy of that place – it seems that all of that had an impact that connected me even more to the very ancient time of the Mayas. I knew that profound things were happening there, that the ancient Mayas were much more advanced then we think of them, and were not the bloodthirsty savages.

The Great Temple of Uxmal.
The Great Temple of Uxmal.
View from the temple.
View from the temple.
Alchemical symbolism in front of the Palace.
Alchemical symbolism in front of the Palace.

Uxmal is a place of wonder. A place where it seems that the layer separating the past and future is less thick, and at times it feels that it’s not there at all.


One of the last sacred sites of Mexico that I visited on this trip was Teotihuacan. It is believed that Aztecs found this place and that the place itself was built by their ancestors – the Toltecs. The truth is that it’s unknown when this site was built, and it’s also unknown who were the original builders. According to Samael Aun Weor, the Aztecs were much older culture than it is originally thought, and Toltecs even older than them.

Teotihuacan is another ancient site that has the potential to awaken deeper feelings, thoughts, chakras and more. To visit the temple of the Feathered Serpent, to walk along what is now called the Avenue of the Dead, to climb the pyramids and temples on the sides of the Avenue, and finally reaching the main squares, was a profound experience. There were lots of tourists, but since I dedicated to spend the entire day at the site, I had some moments of greater silence. And despite the tourists, the energy is still so strong that you only need a little receptivity in order to tune in to it, and you can open yourself up to that through various spiritual practices, such as mantras and meditation.

Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Sun
Feathered Serpent. The ancient symbol of enlightenment
Feathered Serpent. Ancient symbol of enlightenment
Pyramid of the Moon.
Pyramid of the Moon.
View of the Avenue of the Dead from the Pyramid of the Moon.
View of the Avenue of the Dead from the Pyramid of the Moon.

Sitting on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and looking in direction of the Pyramid of the Moon, which is also where the biggest square is, I felt compelled to put in writting what I felt at that time:

In the ages now long gone,
there was a race, strong and dignified.
Their goal was clear. Their life – to reach towards the sky.
The heart burns with mystic wonderment
upon beholding, now ruins, of what once was
a city of the Sun.

Going deeper, trying to pass the veil of time,
I find myself immersed, completely embraced
by the mysterious energy still present and strong,
in this Sacred place.
What happened here, in the time now long gone,
I know not.

Yet, the profoundity and the deep purpose of it
reaches me – it goes through my core, my very Being.
To the Sun, to the Sun.
To the Father – Mother. To the light.
These are the silent whispers, residues of the cries
of the holy ancient people who dwelt in this city,
long long ago.

Sitting on top of their sacred pyramid,
my heart still burns with wonderment and love.
I pray for strength and understanding
to act upon this feeling, this precious gift.

To the light, to the light.
So that the way of the spiritual not be forgotten.

Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 1)

From the Mayan site of Palenque

Recently I’ve been traveling in Mexico, with primary goal to visit and explore many of the ancient sites that the developed cultures, such as Mayas, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, have left for us to get inspired from, and maybe even something more. Prior to that I have been looking more into the ability of the third eye and was doing corresponding practices for its development. I was aware of the many potentials that the chakra of the third eye has to offer, but for one reason or another the most intense experiences relating to it came to me about eight months before coming to Mexico, when I was traveling in British Columbia.

It started when I was on a retreat land in-the-making in Ontario. During one group mantra practice in a yurt, I suddenly saw (while having eyes closed) a random hill, from the bird perspective. It was a rainy day, and in my vision the weather where the hill is was also amidst rainy weather. The vision was alive and animated. I knew that what happened was that I tapped into the third eye chakra potential of remote viewing, and that the hill I saw was real and somewhere nearby The only thing that puzzled me was the hill itself, as up until that point I didn’t see any hills in that area, only forests and lakes. Soon after that I discovered that there are indeed hills there.

From that moment on, my third eye chakra got very stimulated, to the point that often when I would close my eyes, I would see images forming towards the point of clarity. I tried to use this ability when traveling in British Columbia by having visualization practices where I would visualize myself on top of some of the mountain near which I was sitting, and then trying to see how it is up there and what is on the other side. The results were such that I got more and more convinced in the powerful ability of the third eye.

Early on this year I decided to travel to Mexico, with the purpose of visiting the ancient sites of Mayas, Olmecs, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Toltecs etc. I knew that many of the cultures who lived in Mexico were spiritually more advance than us, and my goal was to visit their sacred sites and cities and to use the third eye to try and pierce through the veil of time. Third eye chakra can be used to look into past, present, future, to distant places on Earth and in the Universe, and with it you can even perceive other dimensions. My goal was to tap into the ability of the third eye to perceive clairvoyantly, so to perceive the golden age of the places I would visit.

I started by visiting the Mayan sites in Yucatan peninsula, Guatemala, Tabasco and Chiapas. Going up North to Oaxacan Valley I visited the sites of Zapotecs and Mixtecs, and North of that the mysterious cultures in the state of Puebla. At the end I visited the sites of Toltecs and Aztecs.

Sacred site of Cantona, in the state of Puebla.
Sacred site of Cantona, in the state of Puebla.

I enjoyed visiting all of those sites, but naturally some of them stood out more than others, and out of that a few had profound impact on me. The more developed a culture of the distant past was, the more prominent is the heightened energy still vibrating at the sacred site. The way buildings are arranged and positioned in relation to each other and various cosmic objects and events, is another indicator of the spiritual development of a culture.
Mexican sacred sites that stood out for me the most on this trip were: Monte Alban and Yagul in Oaxaca, Uxmal, Calakmul and Edzna in Yucatan, Teotihuacan (Mexico), Tula (Hidalgo), and Tikal in Guatemala.

It is not a coincidence that these sacred sites evoke certain feelings in people. It is my impression that the builders have intentionally built them that way, and that they mastered the science of higher archeology that is connected with human consciousness, and therefore can stimulate a higher type of feelings. It was a wonderful thing to observe people at the sites like Monte Alban, Edzna and Uxmal, and how something in them, something that goes beyond the layer of emotions and thoughts, was stimulated. One example is a woman in her early 60’s, who looked like any other tourists, not standing out in any way. Yet she was looking at the Pyramid of the Magician for a while, and I could clearly see that something in her has awakened, even if only for a short time. That was a wonderful thing to witness.

The site I perceived as the the most powerful on this trip in terms of structures of a city, their arrangement, and the energy, was Monte Alban. Walking in that ancient city awakened strong spiritual feelings in me, and it felt like walking on another planet. I knew without a doubt that the civilization that lived there in its golden age was very advance. There too I’ve seen those deeper parts of the psyche manifesting in visitors.

“If you would train yourself to understand, go into the country, lean with our back against a tree trunk so that you may hear the language of the trees. Listen to the song of the wind as it rustles the leaves. It has a message for you in the language of the Gods, the language of the old Indian, the old Maya, of the old, old race…” – from The Sun-Men of the Americas

Spring Equinox Reflections and Meditation

Resurrection by Johfra BosschartToday is Spring equinox in the Northern hemisphere, and tommorow (21st) is the Spring Equinox sunrise. The Northern part of the globe has tilted towards the sun, which causes the increasing awakening of the life in this part of the world. At the same time, the opposite thing is happening in the Southern hemisphere, as today for them is Autumn equinox.

At equinoxes the days and nights are of equal length, and it is also the first day of Spring or Autumn. This year there are also two other cosmic events happening at this time – solar eclipse and the moon being closest to the earth. Moon, the lunar symbol, shadowing the sun (the solar symbol) and blocking it from casting its light, as well as moon being closest to the earth (lunar influence having the strongest grip on humanity?) are certainly two interesting events that precede the sunrise of the Spring equinox (21st of March). This reminds me of the famous saying that the night is darkest just before the dawn, and the fact that this year it happens right before the Equinox sunrise (the symbol of resurrection) is certainly interesting.

On the esoteric level (as already mentioned), spring equinox symbolizes the inner awakening, or resurrection, enacted by spiritual figures of the past, such as Jesus, Quetzcoatl, Krishna, and others.

How does this relates to the spiritual work of the aspirants to awaken? It is said that the seasons are not only manifesting outside of us, but also in our interior. The awakening of nature at Spring equinox can influence all beings to be more active. We can of course use this to improve the work on ourselves, to be more active, to try and improve our spiritual practices, to attain more mystical experiences and therefore to get the motivation that we need so much in order to keep working and progressing.

It’s also useful to reflect on the part of life of a spiritual figure related to this time of the year. A story that is probably most well known and the most strongly recounted is the one of Jesus. At the time of Spring Equinox his life events were reaching its peak, conveying deep symbolism as he went and enacted the Cosmic Drama of the spiritual awakening. It starts with his entrance to Jerusalem on a donkey, the crowd joyfully greeting him with the olive tree branches, then the last supper, the betrayal, the events at the garden of Gethsemane, his trial, torture, the crowd that cheered at his entrance to Jesusalem now angrily screams against him, the events happening at his crucifixion, the three days of silence, the resurrection, and other symbolic events in between.

It’s a powerful story, and meditating upon it, especially at this time of the year, may provide you with an insight or maybe even a powerful mystical experience. According to esoteric teachings, Jesus publicly revealed what a person goes through in order to reach enlightenment, and that everything he went through in the physical world an initiate is going through in the inner worlds and to some extent in the physical world as well. It’s an advance stage of the spiritual work known as the Second Mountain, where initiate incarnates in him or herself the three primary forces of Creation (Father, Mother, Sun). The Work is completed by an event known as ascension, at the end of the Third Mountain, symbolised by the Summer solstice.

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations; And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers; even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star.” [Revelation 2: 26 – 28]

Let’s make use of the time we have, of the opportunities that this time of the year and awakening of nature is providing us with. I wish everyone a lot of strength and guidance, and to continue aiming for the highest.

A Fly That Knows the Way Out

girl walking in front of the underground aquariumLast week I was skimming through a book on astral projection, trying to find some useful insights. At around the beginning of the book there was one interesting quote/message, which the author apparently received from his inner voice:

“A fly wonders back and forth through the air,
then lands on the windowpane.
It launces itself, flies for two feet, then lands on
the glass again.
It continues to walk around, on the glass, never
finding the exit.
It doesn’t know that there is an opening in the
window just a few feet away.
You and I can see the opening because we have
the bigger picture.
If only the fly would unlimit itself, get the bigger
and allow itself the freedom and perspective to fly
it could rise above it all and be free.
Instead, it is content to wander aimlessly.
Now I tell you: You are that fly. You know the
way out.
But you choose to ignore it.”
~ Inner Voice

The author of this probably didn’t have any deeper work in mind, but it can be applied here as well. I guess many people who do the Work on oneself could relate to that. It is easy to lessen efforts after a while, especially when we can’t see any progress happening. We then become like that fly on the windowpane who knows the exit out, yet decides to stick around. It’s easy to forget why we are doing the Work  in the first place, to forget about the goals. Movement of life can do that to us, making us identify with all the motions, all the ups and downs. The emotions of pleasure attach themselves to trivial things and keep us in the state of forgetfulness and sleep. And if they (and all the other egos) do that for long enough, the life passes by without us doing any significant progress towards the main goal – attaining freedom.