Mysteries of the Universe Written in Nature

Oldman by Gilbert Williams

Wise men and women often said how one can get incredible knowledge just by studying the most minute things in nature, such as a leave of a tree, or a plant, a flower, a snail, and so on. If you take one of those things and really try to observe it with consciousness, with intention to learn about its secrets, you may find yourself getting intuitive insights. That happened because you used your consciousness to get the answers, rather than the mind/intellect. And because of a high probability that on a higher dimensional level we are all One consciousness, you and the object of your study connected on the spiritual level. Imagine then what knowledge can be gained by studying larger objects, such as a tree, a mountain, a cloud, a sea, or the stars. Continue reading



Erzengel Gabriel, Reni GuidoTo be awake. What does it mean to be awake? What does it mean to be here and now, to be completely and fully awake? Not to be awake is to be asleep, or half-awake. So much time of our daily life is spent in identification with thoughts and emotions, which inevitably bring about daydreaming. Considering all that, how much time of our lives are we truly awake? There are times when we can be, for our standards, very awake. In those moments it seems that time ceases – there is nothing else but the now, and the consciousness experiencing that eternal moment of life. When a person taps into that, they experience a true joy, possibly realizing that everything they considered happiness up until that moment is of a lesser quality, or not a true happiness at all. Continue reading

Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 2)

Perhaps the most intense experience I had while traveling in Mexico was in the ancient site of Yagul, in Oaxacan Valley. The site was inhabited by Zapotecs, thousands of years ago. There was something special about the mountains surrounding the site, and because it was tucked in and secluded, one could have a richer experience. It was a beautiful sunny day. After walking through this ancient site and trying to get the feel for it, I have sat down under a tree on a courtyard, which in the past has been surrounded by temples. I felt this courtyard had the highest spiritual significance back then, and its positioning in relation to other parts of the city helped strengthen the already manifested wonderment and awe. “Something profound was going on here”, I thought. Continue reading

Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 1)

From the Mayan site of Palenque

Recently I’ve been traveling in Mexico, with primary goal to visit and explore many of the ancient sites that the developed cultures, such as Mayas, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, have left for us to get inspired from, and maybe even something more. Prior to that I have been looking more into the ability of the third eye and was doing corresponding practices for its development. I was aware of the many potentials that the chakra of the third eye has to offer, but for one reason or another the most intense experiences relating to it came to me about eight months before coming to Mexico, when I was traveling in British Columbia. Continue reading

Spring Equinox Reflections and Meditation

Resurrection by Johfra BosschartToday is Spring equinox in the Northern hemisphere, and tommorow (21st) is the Spring Equinox sunrise. The Northern part of the globe has tilted towards the sun, which causes the increasing awakening of the life in this part of the world. At the same time, the opposite thing is happening in the Southern hemisphere, as today for them is Autumn equinox.

At equinoxes the days and nights are of equal length, and it is also the first day of Spring or Autumn. This year there are also two other cosmic events happening at this time – solar eclipse and the moon being closest to the earth. Moon, the lunar symbol, shadowing the sun (the solar symbol) and blocking it from casting its light, as well as moon being closest to the earth (lunar influence having the strongest grip on humanity?) are certainly two interesting events that precede the sunrise of the Spring equinox (21st of March). This reminds me of the famous saying that the night is darkest just before the dawn, and the fact that this year it happens right before the Equinox sunrise (the symbol of resurrection) is certainly interesting. Continue reading

A Fly That Knows the Way Out

girl walking in front of the underground aquariumLast week I was skimming through a book on astral projection, trying to find some useful insights. At around the beginning of the book there was one interesting quote/message, which the author apparently received from his inner voice:

“A fly wonders back and forth through the air,
then lands on the windowpane.
It launces itself, flies for two feet, then lands on
the glass again. Continue reading

The Birth of Christ

boticelli_virgin_teaching_child_re_jpgA few days ago, at the Winter Solstice, we entered a true new year. It’s a good time to shed off things and habbits that are harmful for spiritual development, and physical, emotional and mental health. Winter Solstice also signifies the birth of the 2nd Logo, the Christ, the Savior, which is why many avatars were born around that time (21st of December), and were representing that force which they also had within themselves. Ancients of the long gone past have created sacred sites that are aligned with the sunrise of this sacred time of the year, such as Newgrange in Ireland, Glastonbury Tor in England, Temple of Karnak in Egypt, and hundreds of others across the world. There is indeed something special about this time, and how the dawn of the Winter solstice cosmically reflects the birth of that same force on a micro-scale. Continue reading