Meeting of Jesus and Judas From “The Flight” book


The account of the meeting of Jesus and Judas from The Flight of the Feathered Serpent is, to me, one of the most beautiful part of that book, supposedly written by the Judas himself. The depth that it contains is profound. To give a context to the excerpt that now follows, Judas was a student of Nicodemus for many years, but after the latter have met Jesus he understood that he is not in the know, and that it would be better for Judas to study with Jesus. After Nicodemus told that to Judas, together they went to find him:


“We went together, in silence, in the direction of the temple. And in arriving to the patio, it wasn’t difficult to find the Rabbi Nazarene. Multitudes were surrounding him, and amongst them were also some Pharisees.

The silence we found was full of threats.

Many of the multitudes opened the way so that my Rabbi Nicodemus could come forward, since everyone knew him and esteemed him as a man of virtue and knowledge.

And I saw the Rabbi Nazarene. Continue reading


Developing the Power of Intuition


Intuition is a useful skill that can benefit everyone. We can use it in all spheres of life, from small daily activities such as knowing in which cue to stand in the supermarket, to tackling difficult situations, to avoiding danger, knowing which path to take, interpreting dreams and symbolic teachings from the Astral plane, and much more. It has infinite number of uses, and it can be developed and sharpened to the point of becoming a clear “sixth sense”. It is said that this ability is coming from our higher nature, from our Being. That’s why  listening to it is in our best interest, regardless of how small or big the thing presented before us is.

The faculty of intuition is connected with the heart chakra, and there are techniques that we can practice to develop it. I will describe some of those practices, coming from the teachings of Gnosis, or more specifically from a spiritual master Samael Aun Weor.

According to his teachings, each chakra reacts to its own corresponding sound. Also, each chakra has one or more psychic faculties, also known as non-physical senses. It has been said that human being has five physical senses and seven non-physical ones (because there are seven main chakras in the body). These are the senses like intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, polyvision, remote viewing, and more.

Intuition is intimately related to the chakra of the heart, that reacts to and can be activated by the vocalization of the sound O. The sound should be elongated like this: OOOOOOOOOOO

There are many mantras that contain the sound O within themselves and that are good for developing the chakra of the heart, such as mantras OM, ON, and ONRO. In this entry I will write on how to stimulate the heart chakra with  mantra OM, and how to actually put the intuition into practice. Continue reading

The Meeting of Nicodemus and Jesus (from The Flight of the Feathered Serpent book)

alexandre bida - jesus and disciples on the road to caesarra (2)

Weak was the light of the earth that night, great was the light of Heaven.
Great was the flame of love in the heart of the Nazarene, great was the longing for the light in the heart of the Pharisee.

The following excerpt is from a book The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, which describes a meeting of Jesus and Nicodemus, supposedly described by Judas Iscariot. One of the Pharisees whom Jesus encountered in his life was Nicodemus. According to narrations, Nicodemus was not fanatical and close minded as many other Pharisees of the time, but was searching for truth and had strong longing for the Spirit. At the time, Judas was Nicodemus’s disciple, but after that meeting Nicodemus has sent Judas to go and study from Jesus, realizing that he is a much greater teacher who actually knows about the spiritual matters and how to reach salvation.

The way Judas described the meeting gives a glimpse of enormous depth that the Jesus have had and his influence on others. Here also Jesus gives some very important elements for awakening, like for example the necessity for the Son of Man to descend down/incarnates into a person, and then (after it grows and develops) ascending with the person back to heaven. But in order to do that, first the serpent needs to be lifted up in the wilderness (the Kundalini serpent raised amidst the chaos of the egos). According to the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, to be born again is to create the higher bodies in which higher parts of ones own Monad are incarnated. But in order to be born anew, one first needs to die, and this refers to the death of the inner defects (egos).

Here comes the excerpt of the meeting of Nicodemus and Jesus, from the Flight of the Feathered Serpent book:


“And there was a man amongst the Pharisees whose name was Nicodemus, Prince of the Jews. Maya was his lineage, Maya was his heart, his thoughts were from the Mayab, they weren’t thoughts of clay, and he wept living tears. And he was austere in virtue in order to increase the treasures of the Lord and he tried to be just as his longing to make his faith living, was consuming him. Continue reading

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent – A book review

The Feathered Serpent must fly. When you know what the flight of the Feathered Serpent is, you will know what to do. Until then…make it clear that the Message of the Immortals vibrates throughout the centuries.

One of the spiritual books that had the most impact on me was The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, by Armando Cosani. He was a journalist in Spain during the Second World War, and after his injury he started going to church, turning to Jesus. It was then when he was approached and befriended by a mysterious person who throughout the time of their friendship did not introduce himself to him, but nevertheless they became great friends. Armando quickly saw the strangeness that was part of that man, as he was different to anyone he knew, different to all of his other friends, yet at the same time he also recognized his greatness. This mysterious person guided him in many of his day-to-day dealings, and at the end of their meetings he gave him a manuscript that he wanted him to publish. It was then known that the mysterious person was Judas Iscariot, one of the characters of the ancient drama that was played out over 2000 years ago.

The book consists of three parts. In first book Cosani writes about the part of his life when Judas was his friend. He speaks about the learning he went through while spending time with him during the Second World War.

Part two and three are manuscripts that Judas asked Armando to publish. Part two is a teaching of Judas to humanity. It is a profound spiritual text that shows his high inner level. In it he symbolically and literally speaks about the path to self-realization, about the pitfalls of humans, about the incredible rewards of the Spirit, and much more. The second book is written in layers, meaning that on the surface everyone can get something out of it, but it also has levels where those who can’t get more than the surface can still feel the profundity of the text. And then there are other levels of the book that can be understood depending on the development of consciousness of the reader and their capacity for comprehension. Continue reading

Dark Occult Influence in the Music Industry

Normally I don’t write about dark things here, but it has been on my mind for a while to write something about what has been happening for the past two decades in the pop music industry.

It happens that the dark side of occultism has infiltrated itself into many pores of human life, which includes politics, business, society, and now the entertainment industry. In this article I will focus only on what is happening in the music industry, by presenting three examples – performances by today’s superstars: Madona, Nicki Minay, and Katy Perry.

Unfortunately these days the presentation of dark occult symbolism and rituals (in both subtle and blatant way) has took a huge grip and interest among celebrities, some of which reflect the actual rituals that one can encounter in the lower dimensions, also known as the abyss. It is from there that the dark side of occultism is stemming from, and the popularization of it by the media is inundating and poisoning the minds of the masses.

Many people mention illuminati as the link through which these things get popularized. There certainly exist a hidden and powerful group who is connected to these lower dimensions and who has a tremendous influnce in people’s everyday life. The problem is however that many fantasies have been created around them by so many people today, that they easily enjoy their status among those higher up in society (who’s opinion is the only one that matters, such as established workers, scientists, doctors, and other “rational thinking” folks) as a mythical creatures that are existing only in the minds of the “crazy conspiracy theorists”. Nevertheless, the situation is very concerning, as their influence results in connecting the “innocent” masses to the lower and dark regions of their subconscious mind as well as that of the abyss. This then naturally makes them prone to a certain way of thinking and acting, and it opens them up to aggressiveness, passivity, ill-will, and extreme lustful behavior.

You can find many videos and articles on these topic that show some good examples, but unfortunately the majority of these has been created by fanatical religious people (mostly Christians) who only see one side of the story and want to eradicate not only the dark side of occultism, but esoteric matters as a whole. Having a strong flavor of conspiracy and one-sidedness, they too are being ridiculed. By talking about esotericism as a whole as something that is inherently evil and needs to be destroyed, they are doing more harm than good, and are perpetuating the mindset of the medieval times of witch hunt and heresy. In other words, “everything that is not as our priest tell us must be burned and destroyed.”

However, occultism/esotericism is a broad term for things pertaining to the other side of life, the side which we cannot perceive through our fives sense, but through the development of our non-physical potentialities. It is a knowledge that an aspirant of the Universal School of Life gradually gains after corresponding amount of inner work. The aspirant or initiate of the dark side gains the knowledge of darkness, while that of the side of light gains knowledge of both light and darkness, and of that which is beyond both. To want to eradicate everything that is occult also means to want to prevent people from reaching permanent peace, love, and happiness, as these states are reached with the techniques which centuries ago would be considered heretical, the techniques of  Gnosis.

Coming back to the presentation of the dark side in the music industry, I will start in the chronological order, where Nicky Minaj performed her song Roman’s holiday on Grammy awards 2012.

The song and the performance is about her being possessed by a demon, who is then helped by a priest and his ministers. There is a very dark element to the song and the way the priests and the ministers go about “helping” her. It portrays dark elements of the Catholic hierarchy, of the dark things imbued in one of the world’s most powerful institution, the Vatican.


The second video is Katty’s Perry Dark horse, performance on Grammy awards 2014

This one is much more symbolic, much more dark, and with a clear message coming from those in the dark side of occultism. It starts with Katty as a witch within the crystal ball, surrounded by demons who have her in their grip. In the later part of the performance upon Katty’s chest starts shining the Templar’s cross, indicating she is now representing one of the Knight templar. Soon afterwards the camera focuses on the projection on the screen in the background, which shows the sun falling down, and this is then followed by the end of the performance where Katty, representing a Knight Templar, gets burned at the stake. This video is revealed in a much greater detail in The Symbolic Burning of the Knight Templar article.
Here those behind the scene who are into the dark side of occultism depicted the victory of darkness (demoninc power) over light (here represented by the Knight Templars, a genuine spiritual order).

And the last performance I wanted to bring attention to is that of Madonna’s song Living for Love, at Grammy’s awards 2015.

The choreography of this performance is the same here as in other shows. It includes horned creatures and her as their master. In Brit’s Award performance she had a long black cloak, underneath which is a short and tight dress, making her desirable-looking, similar to the depiction of women at the dark ceremony in Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut, a film after which he died). The horned creatures are portraying the demons from the lower dimensions. As soul starts developing towards the darkness, it starts acquiring animalistic characteristics, such as horns, tail, claws etc. Note at the beginning of the performance how the demons climbed the stairs towards where she was, using all four limbs, in the same way as animals are moving. The entire scene is charged with the atmosphere of lust, which is the main vibration of the abyss. How ironic it is that the name of the song is Living for Love. Perhaps the more appropriate name would be Living for Lust. The latter reflects much more the reality of her performance.


Important thing to understand here is that these things are not happening in one of the clubs of a city, but are taking place at one of the most distinguished awards, the Grammy Awards. They are not happening on some alternative metal concert, but are as mainstream as it gets. So why are these celebrities into these things? Why would they help transferring these malignant vibrations of their performances to the minds of the millions?
When taking into account that these are just some of the examples and that there is much more of it, it is obvious that the music industry is being heavily targeted by elites behind the scenes who have a great interest in occultism, especially the dark side of it. Unfortunate thing is that many of the celebrities then pick up this interest, seeing it as something elevated and superior. Even more so once they acknowledge that some of the richest men and women in the world are part of it.

The dark side of occultism connects those who are favoring and practicing it to the lowest of the spheres, to the heavy energies of  lust, fear, anger, and every other low states that are ruling the human psyche. The more the person is in it, the more bestial he or she becomes. It is such a sad thing that these type of things have become the mainstream. Luckily though, being aware of it means there is a chance to counter it, to neutralize it, to educate people about what is going on. Ultimately it is about self-transformation, about oneself becoming light, and then by ones own example helping others to follow your footsteps.

Astral projection to the Temple of Sphinx


The following is an account of astral projection by one of the students of Samael Aun Weor, from Samael’s Q&A book called Beyond Death. I thought it may be inspiring to read this story it if you are looking for depth in astral projection, because it shows some of the many things that one can achieve with this wonderful ability of astral travel. Here it goes:

“On a certain occasion in the countryside when I was performing an exercise of meditation, I felt as if I was vibrating while leaving the body; then, suddenly I felt that I was flying at a great speed and arriving at Egypt in a couple of seconds. I landed close to the Sphinx and felt the heat of the sand in the soles of my feet, I was able to touch the enormous decayed stones of that gigantic monument. It was a great surprise for me to see such an open panorama and such a vivid perception of the sky, as well as a tenuous breeze from the Nile river that was blowing and moving some large, thin palms.

After a brief rest, I felt myself driven by a special attraction that lifted me from the floor; thus, floating, I soared approximately to the height of the nose of the Sphinx. In the nose I found a small opening; I entered through it and went down a set of steps that descended in very narrow manner ending at a chamber guarded by a brown-skinned guardian. He wore an apron and golden sandals. On his head he had a hairstyle with a golden diadem that resembled a cobra in the attitude of attack. In his right hand was a lance that hindered my passage. His very penetrating eyes were bluish green. He did not even pronounce a single word; he only examined me and performed a greeting pass which I answered; he smiled, took hold of the lance and with an amiable reverence allowed me to pass; I then penetrated into a great chamber where I heard very soft songs from a choir chanting prayers in the form of delectable hymns.

There was a pink colored smoke from incense in the environment, which smelled like an extract of red roses and which made my body vibrate from head to toes. There were also many Egyptian symbols on the walls, which—in spite of not understanding them—were very familiar to me. So, after observing the rich decoration of that chamber, which undoubtedly must be a very special temple, a gong sounded and three Masters appeared who had calm and venerable faces, yet very penetrating sight; two of them came dressed with yellow tunics and one with a very white tunic; after saluting me they welcomed me with a very fraternal hug.

Thereafter, they celebrated a Mass on an altar that was between two enormous columns and that had a great golden scarab that shone in the midst of the incense smoke. Then a crystalline water fountain, that I did not notice before, became illuminated; they guided me towards it, and in it I began to see my face as black and horribly bearded, like the face of an orangutan; then I saw many passages of my present life where I committed all types of sin; so, I ended up moaning and crying.

Later they admonished me and gave me advice in a symbolic manner. They gave me a scarab of solid gold; they put it on my right hand and closed it while pronouncing some words that I did not understand; then they told me to keep it and to become worthy of always having it by my side. Then, they blessed me and I returned to my body. Very impressed, I woke up instantaneously, without forgetting any detail to the present day.”

Is balance between good and evil necessary when seeking spiritual awakening?

At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away - Valentine Cameron PrinsepLot of books on spirituality these days claim how it is important to maintain the balance between “good“ and “evil“ side on the path to spiritual awakening. Sometimes an author (who may claim to be a guru, a spiritual being, or even a non-physical entity passing on its message) may appear to be knowledgeable and can also use occult/esoteric terminology, and sometimes they may even say something with deeper meaning or something you could find useful. These bits and pieces of usefulness may mislead a seeker who is looking for depth if they make conclusion about the value of the overall message based on that. Unless of course they have enough of inner experience with esoteric matters that would help them recognize the superficiality. If a person has this ability to discern, then they won’t only notice problems with such statements, but will also feel that the book/message overall is missing depth.

It is very popular these days to believe in the need for balance when it comes to spiritual progress, and the strong purporters of such beliefs point at symbology such as Ying/Yang as their justifications, as well as to nature. It’s true that balance is strongly embedded aspect of our universe, and nature itself can be a great source of inspiration, strength, healing, and even spiritual instructions (some patterns in the trees, waves, plants, etc. in themselves hold a teaching of a higher creational aspect). At the same time though nature is cruel, mechanical, and enslaving, and it keeps all beings under its command, bound to the physical dimension through the robotic subconscious elements which all creatures of the Earth possess.

Spiritual awakening is something else. As spiritual masters and sages have said, when moving towards awakening one is in fact liberating oneself from nature, from the subconscious drives such as lust, pride, anger, fear etc., and that requires a decision to sacrifice these dark aspects for the light to shine in us. You cannot have half the light and half the darkness and expect to achieve spiritual freedom, which is the freedom from Samsara (wheel of life, continuous return to this physical plane), because in order to achieve such freedom one needs to sacrifice the darkness for the light. As spiritual teacher Belsebuub once said, the darkness of the egos and the light of the Being are two incompatible substances. Thus, if your goal is the complete spiritual awakening, the decision must be made about which of these two you want.

For most people interested in spirituality complete awakening is not the goal, or at least on the deeper level they are not interested in it, while on the surface they may have convinced themselves that they are. And then it’s easy to justify oneself with the ever present notion of the “importance to have good and evil side balanced“. Another issue is that people are so unbalanced in favor of the darkness within that it would take years and years of hard work to even reach the real balance. Yet people think that they already have it, and that the only thing they need to do is to meditate, keep calm, and indulge less in the things they know are animalistic. In this way the spiritual work never even starts for most people, because they are too afraid of replacing their dark side with that of light.

The full awakening means to transcend nature, to transcend the emotions, thoughts and desires that keep us chained to this physical reality. By working in that direction we slowly free ourselves from nature’s grip, and then knowledge, wisdom and higher inner states of the Being become our guiding star that pushes us in the direction of the spiritual.