Third Eye, Clairvoyance, and Sacred Sites in Mexico (Part 2)

Perhaps the most intense experience I had while traveling in Mexico was in the ancient site of Yagul, in Oaxacan Valley. The site was inhabited by Zapotecs, thousands of years ago. There was something special about the mountains surrounding the site, and because it was tucked in and secluded, one could have a richer experience. It was a beautiful sunny day. After walking through this ancient site and trying to get the feel for it, I have sat down under a tree on a courtyard, which in the past has been surrounded by temples. I felt this courtyard had the highest spiritual significance back then, and its positioning in relation to other parts of the city helped strengthen the already manifested wonderment and awe. “Something profound was going on here”, I thought.

The ancient site of Yagul.
The ancient site of Yagul.


So I sat under a tree, relaxed, and went on to silence the mind. Then I visualized that courtyard, trying to perceive how it looked like in its golden age. Images were forming strong, yet most of insights came through feeling. I then stood up, closed my eyes again, and imagined with a strong intent that my body is encompassed by the ancient time, like that trying to perceive through the third eye what is around me. I could feel and sense myself there, thousands of years ago. This method came to me intuitively on the spot, and the results motivated me a lot. Again, images were there, but not as clear as the feeling. In the end I did Runic exercises on that same spot. Doing some of the deeply spiritual runic postures in front of the esoteric temple, was a profound experience. At that point I was connected to the past of this ancient place in way I never knew is possible. It’s hard to describe in words how I felt, and the feelings that were brought about.

In front of this temple is where I did the practices.
In front of this temple is where I did the practices.

The following quote comes to mind:

“Our mental screens are impregnated with atoms of past civilizations, and though we think of them as dead and buried, yet within these screens these atoms will still contact us to those civilizations that are now far in advance of our own. And the student can contact their golden ages of culture and intelligence; civilizations that will take this world many centuries to achieve. For example, although Egypt is considered but a remnant of an ardent glory, in the inner planes we can still enter her periods of illumination and wisdom, and discover what the world can gain with such a consciousness.
The student should always remember that space-time is non-existent on the inner planes. That everything IS. Thus he will learn that within him are atoms representing higher development than his.” ~ from the Dayspring of Youth by M

Uxmal, Yucatan

Another interesting occurrence while using the same type of technique happened in the sacred city of Uxmal in Yucatan. That is another sacred site which has the aura of spiritual glory, with its powerful and peaceful energy still imbuing the site. At one point I came before the Great Temple of Uxmal. In front of it was a sign “Climbing is dangerous”. I never saw this sign in any other sacred site I previously visited in Mexico, and so I was somewhat put back by it. The temple was huge, and it had many stairs. I decided to climb up. On top, a Mexican man whom I’ve seen in the bus when coming to Uxmal (he was then reading some interesting esoteric script), was meditating. I joined him in meditation. For a while there was nobody else except us. Granted, due to hot weather not many people were in Uxmal anyways, but lucky for us there was none on this temple (I think that the sign at the bottom had something to do with keeping people away).

The Pyramid of the Magican.
The Pyramid of the Magican.


So I went to meditation, trying first to calm the mind. Then I tried to perceive the city of Uxmal how it was in the ancient times. The experience I had up there was very moving and intense. Again, more focused on feeling then image, but the image was there as well. In my mind’s eye I’ve seen the glory and power of this ancient site. At one point I opened my eyes and looked up into the sky. Up there I’ve seen two birds of prey soaring very high up. The silence, the birds of prey, the meditation, the atmosphere and the energy of that place – it seems that all of that had an impact that connected me even more to the very ancient time of the Mayas. I knew that profound things were happening there, that the ancient Mayas were much more advanced then we think of them, and were not the bloodthirsty savages.

The Great Temple of Uxmal.
The Great Temple of Uxmal.
View from the temple.
View from the temple.
Alchemical symbolism in front of the Palace.
Alchemical symbolism in front of the Palace.

Uxmal is a place of wonder. A place where it seems that the layer separating the past and future is less thick, and at times it feels that it’s not there at all.


One of the last sacred sites of Mexico that I visited on this trip was Teotihuacan. It is believed that Aztecs found this place and that the place itself was built by their ancestors – the Toltecs. The truth is that it’s unknown when this site was built, and it’s also unknown who were the original builders. According to Samael Aun Weor, the Aztecs were much older culture than it is originally thought, and Toltecs even older than them.

Teotihuacan is another ancient site that has the potential to awaken deeper feelings, thoughts, chakras and more. To visit the temple of the Feathered Serpent, to walk along what is now called the Avenue of the Dead, to climb the pyramids and temples on the sides of the Avenue, and finally reaching the main squares, was a profound experience. There were lots of tourists, but since I dedicated to spend the entire day at the site, I had some moments of greater silence. And despite the tourists, the energy is still so strong that you only need a little receptivity in order to tune in to it, and you can open yourself up to that through various spiritual practices, such as mantras and meditation.

Pyramid of the Sun
Pyramid of the Sun
Feathered Serpent. The ancient symbol of enlightenment
Feathered Serpent. Ancient symbol of enlightenment
Pyramid of the Moon.
Pyramid of the Moon.
View of the Avenue of the Dead from the Pyramid of the Moon.
View of the Avenue of the Dead from the Pyramid of the Moon.

Sitting on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and looking in direction of the Pyramid of the Moon, which is also where the biggest square is, I felt compelled to put in writting what I felt at that time:

In the ages now long gone,
there was a race, strong and dignified.
Their goal was clear. Their life – to reach towards the sky.
The heart burns with mystic wonderment
upon beholding, now ruins, of what once was
a city of the Sun.

Going deeper, trying to pass the veil of time,
I find myself immersed, completely embraced
by the mysterious energy still present and strong,
in this Sacred place.
What happened here, in the time now long gone,
I know not.

Yet, the profoundity and the deep purpose of it
reaches me – it goes through my core, my very Being.
To the Sun, to the Sun.
To the Father – Mother. To the light.
These are the silent whispers, residues of the cries
of the holy ancient people who dwelt in this city,
long long ago.

Sitting on top of their sacred pyramid,
my heart still burns with wonderment and love.
I pray for strength and understanding
to act upon this feeling, this precious gift.

To the light, to the light.
So that the way of the spiritual not be forgotten.


Ancient Site In My “Backyard”

An interesting event happened in July this year, and which I want to share with all of you. It happened that I went to explore some areas in my county as a part of my job. At one point of that day I had a scheduled meeting with a person that would show me a place where there is an inactive volcano. He was in charge of an organization that was taking care of it. After the volcano we drove to a town next to it, and he asked me if I want to see, what locals call, “an altar in a forest”. When he told me the name I remembered that I already saw a photo of it and brief description on a local website.

He told me that the stones there are handcarved and are ancient, and some locals find them reminiscent of an altar. Due to that, a legend emerged which I forgot how it goes, but something about there once being a church and then being taken away by some force due to misbehavior of people, or something along those lines. The person said that there was never a church there. He said that the place was visited by archeologists and they all agreed that the stones are carved at least 2000 years ago, with possibility of them being even older. He also said that the place is occasionally visited by a reiki group that find the energy there beneficial for meditation.

I was very keen to visit it. I drove in my car, while he was in his car, leading the way. We passed through some villages and went up the hill until we reached a slope of a mountain and drove into a forest. From that point we carried on by foot. Very soon we reached the place.

The path leading to the sacred ground

Stones are placed in some kind of a circle area. The person said that they know where they got it from, yet it is unexplainable how they transported it all the way to the place where they are now (considering that conventional history books claim that technology of ancient humans were far inferior to ours today). The stone that is down has fell over time or due to some other reason, but it isn’t in its original position. It’s very likely that there were other stones too, all of them being positioned in a circle. It’s possible that they were taken by locals in recent history when they built houses.

What really shook me was the level of a high-frequency energy of the place, which was immensely high and positive, and had put me in a very nice internal state. I wondered how would it be to meditate there or to spend a night there. The person also showed me the power of the stones. He demonstrated it by putting his necklace near one of the stones, showing me how it reacts when close to it.

He also mentioned a story of how he wrote to some Canadian author that explores ancient civilizations, relating to him a hill near his town, which he finds historically and culturally interesting and mysterious, and which is only 3 kilometers away from the place where the stones are. The Canadian author did some research and measurements and has apparently discovered that the hill in question is on the same horizontal line as the Great Pyramids of Egypt as well as some other famous ancient sites.

If that is true, then it is very possible that people that put it there lived much before 2000 years ago, and were aware of other spiritual places around the world. It is clear to me that the place served for a spiritual purpose, possibly a ceremonial ground for solstices or equinoxes, or perhaps it was celebrating some other cosmic alignment. This is especially possible due to high-frequency energy of the place, which indicates that the ancients were aware of such energy and wanted to use it for their purpose.

I was really amazed by what I saw that day. I wondered how come more people don’t know about it. It was only in the recent history that it was recognized as a valuable ground, yet it is still only known as an “altar in a forest”. Maybe it’s better this way for now. At least the lack of knowledge of it protects it from being vandalized or completely destroyed. I do hope though that more archeologists and similar investigators will come and try to find more about it.

It’s interesting what is possible to find, even in your own backyard, if you only search for it.

Spirituality behind the Winter Solstice

Around the world, there are many sacred ancient sites aligned to some special times of the year – winter and summer solstices. Some of those sites are Stonehenge and Glastonbury in England, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Temple of Karnak in Egypt, Newgrange in Ireland, statues on the Eastern Island (Rapa Nui) and many other sites around the world. It’s interesting that the ancients saw a big significance in it and have had a special ceremonies and celebrations during the four times of the year – winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and autumn equinox.

According to the universal esoteric teachings, this four times of the year represent a spiritual path to awakening. During the winter solstice, in the northern hemisphere it is the shortest day and the longest night of the year, but from that point onwards days starts to grow longer while nights are getting shorter. Esoterically, physical sun represents a spiritual sun, Christ, which is incarnated in an individual that has reached a significant stage on the esoteric path.

The sun/Christ is born at the winter solstice at the point of darkest night. It’s interesting that some of the main religious figures, such as Krishna, Jesus, Mithras etc., were born around/on Winter solstice, and their physical birth actually represents the birth of the spiritual sun, Christ, which apparently all of them had incarnated within. The sun/Christ grows and develops, until it reaches resurrection, physically represented during spring equinox. And finally, during summer equinox there is the longest day in the year, and this represents the ascension of a person and completion of the esoteric path. All of this demonstrates that the esoteric path is universal and depicted in the stars themselves, as explained in this article.

Ancient civilizations like Mayas, Incas, Egyptians, Persians etc., were aware of it and have aligned some of their temples and monuments according to it, and based on the teachings, have performed ceremonies during that four times of the year. For more information about the sacred sites that are aligned to the winter solstice,  see this link.

Solstices and equinoxes are still celebrated today and people are using it to get deeper understanding of the mystery of the path to awakening. Winter solstice will occur in the Northern hemisphere this Thursday, December 22nd, at 5.30 AM UTC.