Personal and Universal Divine Mother

DMMuch has been written about Divine Cosmic Mother, or the Mother Goddess. She has been part of ancient cultures and their religions. She is the one that can transform our subconscious desires and sufferings into consciousness. Throughout history she was known by many names: in Greece she was goddess Rea, and later Athena. In Egypt she was known as Mut, and later as Isis. Aztecs knew her as Tonatzin, Celts as goddess Anu, Romans as Juno, Sumerians as goddess Ninhursag. In India she was Durga (Kali in her warrior aspect). She is briefly mentioned in Christian Bible, but spoken of much more widely in The Essene Gospel of Peace. The later text has apparently been found in Vatican Library and is also part of Royal Library of Habsburg dynasty. Here’s an excerpt from it pertaining to the topic of Divine Mother: Continue reading