Tornado Meditation: For Removal of Trash, Cords and Attachments

The tornado meditation is one of the cleansing techniques that I learned early on in the spiritual work. I have tried several of such kind of practices, but for one reason or another I continued with tornado meditation because it has a certain substance and energy that was noticeable already after first time that I’ve done it. Continue reading

Astral Shield: For Protection from External Influences

Once someone starts working on themselves psychologically, and once they start experiencing deeper states of relaxation in practices such as meditation and astral projection, they are likely to become more sensitive to energies that surround them. Normally this types of energies are not perceptible to people. It is only when the energy centers of our astral body (also known as chakras) start becoming more active that we will become more sensitive. These chakras are like an intermediate between the multidimensional nature of a person – they channel energies through our inner (higher) bodies (such as etheric and astral bodies) and all the way to our physical bodies and organs. These energy centers are essential for normal workings of the “human machine”, on all of its level: physical, vital, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Continue reading