Having More and Better Quality Astral Experiences (Part Two)

This article is a continuation from the one from previous week, in which we deal with increasing chances for astral projection, and having more conscious out of body experiences and lucid dreams. Last week I mentioned some important aspects such as concentration, awareness, relaxation, prayer, setting intention and goals etc. This week I will focus more on some other elements, equally important in order to start having regular astral experiences. To have such experiences on weekly (or even daily) basis, it’s important to take this ability seriously – that’s really the only way how experiences out of the body will start to occur in your life.

If you take some famous people who succeeded with this exercises (famous in the spiritual circles), such as Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Belsebuub, Samael Aun Weor, etc., one thing that they all have in common is that they were very serious in, not only achieving astral projection once or twice, but practicing it regularly and doing other things that help with sharpening the ability of astral projection in order to have it regularly. It is the latter that has potential to change your life in ways unimaginable, but one needs to be serious, have pure intention, kindness, and thirst for knowledge. Continue reading


Dream Yoga And Seeking Guidance in Dreams

Dream yoga is a term often used for some kind of control over dreams, such as in lucid dreaming, or using them for specific purpose. In the video I’ll share here the instructor describes the technique of what one must do in order to use dreams to their advantage. By applying this technique, you can become lucid in dream, have astral projection, receive guidance about any issue you are facing, etc.

The technique is very simple – you just need to have intention in mind as you are falling asleep, and consciously repeating it over and over. This technique has much more potency than just requesting something once before sleep, or performing it at some other time of day.

It’s a very well known technique in esoteric traditions, but the instructor from the video explains it in its own way, which is definitely helpful and, even if you already know about it, it can give you additional understanding.

The first time when I decided to properly use this type of dream yoga technique from I was in somewhat difficult situation. I was traveling, and found myself not knowing where to go next. I had to decide between two roads, one separated thousands of miles from the other. At that time I was staying alone in a trailer on a property on a mountain. One morning I woke up quite early, so I decided to return back to sleep, and remembered to apply the dream yoga technique. As I was falling asleep I kept repeating a question to my higher being and guides as to where to go. When I fell asleep I dreamt what would happen if I choose one of those two options. The guidance was very clear, and I knew exactly which road to take.

Dreams are a powerful source of information. Every time we fall asleep we leave our physical bodies behind and travel in our astral bodies in a region of 5th dimension, the place where dreams unfold. It’s a lower region of the astral plane, nevertheless it’s frequently visited by our guides and Teachers who instruct us. This is even more so when we are open to seeking guidance from dreams, when we are the ones who facilitate the contact, and are sincere in trying to find an answer.