Extraterrestrial Message And Question For Humanity

Wilthshire crop circle from 2002

Extraterrestrials have been communicating with individuals for millennia, and when people were more spiritually developed in a long gone past, they’ve probably been communicating with humanity as a whole. In recent times there have been many cases of individuals claiming to have been contacted by the ET’s who revealed to them many things about life and the Universe, as well as asking them to pass their message to humanity. Most of those cases are fake, however there are those that are real. Continue reading

Extraterrestrials – (Why) Are They Here? (Part 1)

These days it’s no longer a question whether extraterrestrials exist or not, but whether they are visiting Earth, for how long, and what is their mission.

Until “recently” it was believed that planets orbiting stars/suns is a rarity. Even in that case it was said that there is a minimum of 20 000 civilizations across the Universe.

This number was based on mathematical calculations of probability and taking into account that there are approximately 100 billion galaxies in the known Universe. Continue reading