Reflection: To Be Given Another Chance

In one of his online talks about spirituality and the inner Work, Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub), mentioned a specific scenario that, I believe, has put many people to thought. The recurring theme was the importance of the inner work in the context of this life that we have on this planet, how valuable such existence is, and how precious is our time here. He mentioned the hypothetical situation of imagining ourselves at the end of our life reflecting back. The following meditation is inspired by what he said.

Imagine that you are 85 years of age, lying on your deathbed. You don’t have much more to go, but enough time to reflect on your life. You see how things went, the ups and downs. You see yourself at one point of your life doing the inner work. Perhaps the memory of happiness and joy overwhelms you, the happiness that you had when you were living a spiritual life and when you were walking towards your Being. You then see yourself getting pressured by life, perhaps by some strong emotions of excitement, of pleasure, of the mundane flow of life that swept away the innocent joy that you have previously found in the Inner work. And little by little, you lost an interest in that which previously uplifted your soul. Continue reading


Spiritual Ways to Dealing With Worry

To worry is a common thing within the human being. We worry so much, almost all the time. Worry can be related to everything in life, but it tends to be strongest when it comes to things that are related to ones own survival. We constantly worry about so many things. For example, what others think of us occupy a strong place in the mind, and it is a worry directly related to pride. All of the worries have their roots in one ego (subconscious inner state, a defect) or another. Worry itself is an inner state/defect that pops up and manifest as an emotion, thought, or an impulse, and sadly often time it can consume the human being.

The best way to deal with it would be as with any other defect – observing it from the state of detachment. Once the defect is observed in that way, we gain an understanding of it, and can then eliminate it. This would be an ideal way to do it, a way also known as the First Key of the Path to Awakening. However, for those who are not yet ready for such technique, there are alternatives that could work.

Not long ago I’ve read a book by Annie Besant, a famous Theosophist. In it she says how a worry is a strong thought current, and if frequent enough, it digs for itself a channel by which it makes continuous impression on the mind of a person. She suggests that in order to counter it, a person should create a thought current and a channel of an opposite character. She says: Continue reading

Overview of Gnostic teachings as taught by Belzebuub

In this blog entry I will write a short overview of Gnostic teachings as taught by Belzebuub.  He is  a spiritual teacher that reached significant stage of spiritual development by walking along the path to awakening that is described in many different cultures and religions.  It is a very difficult path, yet rewards of it are beyond words. By going through it one slowly realizes its true potential, increasing its own consciousness, merging with Divine and arriving to Truth.

To walk along that path and to reach the end of it one needs to practice what is esoterically known as the three keys to awakening. Those keys are

– Elimination of negative states within us (states such as negativity, anger, jelousy, fear, gluttony, greed etc.);

-Alchemy (a practice with which one transforms internal energies and build inner higher energy bodies);

– Helping others to progress spiritually.

According to Belzebuub’s experience of the path,  those 3 keys are essential to awaken. Beside those 3 keys there are other practices that are recommended , such as astral projection, meditation, mantras and concentration practices. With those extra practices one can reach to knowledge beyond this physical world – one can get answers to questions such as why are we here, where were we before we were born; who or what were we before this life; what is our purpose in life; where are we going after we die; are there other realities and how are they experienced and much much more.

I will conclude this blog with one of Belzebuub’s video which I think sums up very well the importance of investigating , questioning and doing the spiritual work.