1st Key to Awakening – The Death of the Egos

“Become like melting snow; wash yourself of yourself. With love your inner voice will find a tongue growing like a silent white lily in the heart.” – Rumi

Many  have seen a popular depiction of a knight slaying a dragon, or the archangel Michael slaying a demon, or the Hindu goddess Kali piercing demons, etc. It’s a popular theme that can be seen in many temples, churches, paintings, and so on. One of the most recurring depictions is of St. Georges killing a dragon, and rescuing a damsel that is always nearby the battle, trapped by the dragon. There is truth behind this mythological depiction. It represents the spiritual part of us (St. George) fighting our own inner darkness (the dragon), and when it overcomes it, another pure and spiritual aspect of us (damsel) is freed. Continue reading