Reflection: To Be Given Another Chance

In one of his online talks about spirituality and the inner Work, Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub), mentioned a specific scenario that, I believe, has put many people to thought. The recurring theme was the importance of the inner work in the context of this life that we have on this planet, how valuable such existence is, and how precious is our time here. He mentioned the hypothetical situation of imagining ourselves at the end of our life reflecting back. The following meditation is inspired by what he said.

Imagine that you are 85 years of age, lying on your deathbed. You don’t have much more to go, but enough time to reflect on your life. You see how things went, the ups and downs. You see yourself at one point of your life doing the inner work. Perhaps the memory of happiness and joy overwhelms you, the happiness that you had when you were living a spiritual life and when you were walking towards your Being. You then see yourself getting pressured by life, perhaps by some strong emotions of excitement, of pleasure, of the mundane flow of life that swept away the innocent joy that you have previously found in the Inner work. And little by little, you lost an interest in that which previously uplifted your soul. Continue reading


Exercise of Retrospection – A Powerful Tool That Can Change Your Life

An exercise of retrospection is a powerful tool. With it we gain self-knowledge, insights, and understanding about our behavior and subconscious defects or egos (things such as anger, fear, pride, lust etc.) that have manifested during the day but have gone unnoticed, and as they go unseen they are controlling our lives. As it is said, ‘Life is a series of events’. The flow of the day sets out various events that we go through, most of which bring about egos within us, regardless if we notice them or not. Sometimes we go through difficult or intense situations, a chaotic development of events where it is very hard to be in the present moment and detached from our egos. These types of events can easily pull us in and drag us along, which means that we act unconsciously. Even if the flow of events is ordinary, there are still emotions, thoughts, and/or impulses that manifest within us.

From an outburst of anger, to a subtle surging of envy, in the retrospective exercise we can see all of that and get knowledge about the egotistic state (ego) and how it controls us. This then can change our lives, simply because, in the exercise of retrospection, we are looking at the events from the perspective of the observer, rather than the participant. Continue reading

A House for the Naked

A House for the Naked

It’s late and it’s raining, my friends, let’s go home.

Let’s leave this ruin we’ve haunted like owls.

Even though the blind ones beckon us, let’s go home.

All the reasons offered by the sensible, dull and sorrowful

can’t darken our hearts now;

nor can all this phantom love play,

this imaginary paradise hold us back.

Some see the grain but not the harvest.

Don’t ask too many “hows” and “whys”.

Let beasts graze.

Come home to the real celebration and music.

Shams has build a house for the naked and the pure.

– Rumi

What hold us back from becoming naked and pure, and how many lifetimes are we already here in this physcial school of life, postponing the retun to where we really belong? To become pure  like “little children”, we must become naked of the layers of dirt that clothe us (of lust, pride, anger, fear etc.) – the mud that is chaining our souls.

We need to smash those chains so that we can attain Love within ourselves and discover the Truth.

When will we soar?

The Spiritual Path to Awakening

The universal path to awakening is mentioned in many esoteric texts throughout the history. To get the full understanding of it, you should first read my previous article The Wheel of Samsara, and the purpose of human life.

Many secret schools existed in the past that were teaching this very path, some of them are the Hermetic Order, the Rosicrucian, the Freemasons etc. It can also be found in legends, myths and arts of the past – it is depicted in the story of Odyssey, Jason and the Argonauts, the quest of knights for the Holy Grail, in the opera the Magic Flute by Mozart, and many others.

The teachings of many ancient schools have sadly degenerated and/or gotten lost, so for example we can see that Freemasons today are something very different than original spiritual teachings leading toward the light. The path was the same in ancient Egypt, among Mayas, Incas, ancient Hindus, Nordic, Druids, and many other spiritual cultures that existed. They were aware of the universal techniques and process to full awakening.

There are many spiritual and pseudo-spiritual paths today leading to many different ends. Many of them say that they lead to enlightenment, but when you inquire about what they mean by that, you discover many of them are referring to various forms of Samadhi. This means that through meditation they penetrate into various higher realities, the ultimate of them being the God-consciousness. Through this they realize the true nature of existence and how it relates to them and every other living creature. Even though such meditative states are possible to achieve, once the meditation is over, they come back to their bodies and are again trapped within the limits of the animal egos. Egos do not just vanish by this realization.

Achieving such states is immensely beneficial, but there is much more to it than just that. The teachings state about the universal path leading to becoming a fully awakened spiritual being, merged with ones own Monad/Being, being free from this galaxy and the whole Universe, with the permission to permanently return to the Source of all life. Such ultimate freedom grants an infinity of choices, whether it is to stay within the dimensions, or to return back to the Source.

The path that leads to that is the same for everyone and it consists of many tests and initiations.

The Path

The path is split in 3 major parts, known as the Three Mountains.

The objective of it is:

–   to completely eliminate the animal egos (by reducing them, the parts of our consciousness that are trapped in them go back to our main consciousness)

–   to build high energy bodies which will allow incarnation of higher parts of our Being in us, and therefore to merge with it.

To start walking upon it you have to practice the three main keys to awakening: death of the egos, alchemy (white tantra), and helping others spiritually.

Before the main path is the probative path. Sexual energy is very much related to advancement, so you start by being chaste (not to be confused with celibacy) and changing the nature of the sexual energy (by practicing elimination of egos and, if you have a partner, alchemy). The sexual energy is the root of all other energies within you, therefore as it changes it affects other energies and you become clearer and balanced. There are 4 main tests of the probative path – the test of fire, water, earth and air (these are related to anger, attachments, how we face difficulties and the unpleasant situations of life).

There are also many other tests thrown to us by spiritual beings to see how we are going, testing all of our psychological defects.. When the nature of the energies is purified and symbolized by the red color (which you can see in a dream), then Kundalini awakens and the path has begun.

The First Mountain

Each mountain has 8 initiations. In the first mountain, with alchemy we build the 7 (inner) solar bodies – solar physical, solar vital, solar astral, solar mental, solar causal, solar buddhic and solar atmic. With the solar causal body we also incarnate the part of our Being that resides in the causal plane, called the Human Soul. With the solar buddhic we incarnate another part that resides in the buddhic plane, called the Divine Soul. And by building the solar atmic body we incarnate the Atman/Spirit.

The Kundalini raises up the spine vertebra by vertebra as the 3 keys are practiced. As it raises it opens up the chakras. It has to be raised within each of these bodies. 7 initiations correspond to the 7 bodies, and we get them fully as we pass the initiations. The initiations in this case are like big tests, where our egos are stirred up and our reactions are tested.

Solar bodies bring with them their benefits, so for example it is said that with solar astral we feel higher emotions; with solar mental we have access to superior way of thinking; with incarnation of the first part of the Being, the human soul, we start feeling true happiness. This happiness is intensified as other parts of the Being are incarnated, like the Divine Soul and the Atman.

When we incarnate the Atman, we have received a grade of spiritual mastery. This means that we have passed all the 7 initiations and that we have eliminated 50% of the egos (this is the requirement to finish the First mountain). The final, 8th initiation, is to rest. By completing the First Mountain we have freed ourselves from the law of karma and the Wheel of Samsara, and have freedom to stay in higher dimensions. Another advantage is that we can return back to the physical to continue the path during the new Golden Age, when the environment for it will be much more beneficial.

The Second and Third Mountains

The second mountain is said to be much more difficult; on it the solar bodies are replaced by the golden bodies, which are higher ones and are capable of receiving higher parts of the Being. The process is the same as on the first mountain – bodies are built with alchemy, and by practicing the three keys the Kundalini is raised in all of them. Initiations here are much more difficult and the requirements for passing them are more strict. On this mountain we incarnate the Father, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit – all of them being large parts of the Being. With the completion of the Second Mountain we achieve Resurrection and don’t have to return to the physical dimension any longer. Instead, if we want, we can work on the Third Mountain in the astral plane.

On the third mountain we replace golden bodies with the bodies of light. On it, all parts of the Being we have incarnated merge into one and we become Unity once again. Then with the completion we have finished the Work and have achieved Ascension, the ultimate purpose of human life and the ultimate freedom. It is then when an infinity of choices opens up for us.


That was a basic description of the path to complete awakening. It is described in depth in the book Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom by Belzebuub. This book will be updated and released as a free ebook in the future (when it does I will post the link to it in the book section).

Samael Aun Weor also writes about the path in his book The Three Mountains, however he does not explain it as clearly as Belzebuub. You can download this book from the book section on this blog.

If you try practicing the Keys you will notice that things will start to happen. I will write about the 3 keys in my next blog.

You will

Who will transcend this world? Who will transcend the realm of the dead, and heaven, too, with all its gods? Who will find the true and shining way of the path?

You will.

Even as the gatherer of flowers discovers the finest and rarest, so you will gather the teachings and transcend this world.

When you know that the body is merely the foam on the crest of a wave, unreal as a mirage, you will break the flowery arrows of craving. Unseen, you will escape the king of death and travel onward.

The scent of sandalwood, lilies and jasmine cannot travel against the wind, but you will travel. The fragrance of good works travels in all directions.

How brightly the lotus grows in the rubbish by the wayside. Its sweet scent lightens the heart.

So you, the awakened, will shine in the darkness around you, spreading the sweet scent of your wisdom.

– Buddha (taken from the Dhammapada)

Fanatical worship

“Ananda said to the Buddha: “I think there has never been a teacher as great as you, nor will there ever be one as great in the future.”

The Buddha asked: “Have you known all the awakened ones, the buddhas of the past?”

“No, Honored One.”

“And are you able to know all the buddhas of the future?”

“No, Honored One.”

“Then I suppose you do know this awakened one’s mind completely?”

“No, Honored One, I do not even know your mind completely.”

“Then how can you make such a bold statement? It is better to talk what you know than to speculate foolishly.”

– Majjhima Nikaya

There are many  such examples around the world. People seeing there guru/savior/god  as the most developed person that ever existed.  Usually, such blinding viewpoint can hinder a person to get to a knowledge of reality and truth, because they are locking themselves in a very limiting mindset that is ruled by illusion.

Heroes, by Rumi


Does any artist paint for the sake of the picture itself, without the hope of offering some good?

No, but for the sake of  the viewers and the young who will be drawn by it and freed from cares.

Or does any potter hastily throw a pot or a bowl without any thought of what it will hold?

Does any calligrapher write for the script alone without any regard for the reader?

The external form is for the sake of something unseen, and that took shape for something else unseen.

Just as the moves in a game of chess reveal the results of each move in what follows.

They make one move to conceal another move, and that for something else, and so on and on.

So move on, aware of reasons within reasons, one move after another, to checkmate.

One step is for the sake of another, like the rungs of a ladder, to reach the roof.

The hunger for food produces semen; semen is for procreation, and the light in the parent’s eyes.

Someone with dulled vision sees no further than this: his intelligence has no movement; it vegetates.

Whether a plant is summoned or not, it stays planted within the soil.

Don’t be deceived if the wind bends it.

It’s head says, “We obey the zephyr’s request,” while its feet say, “Leave us alone!”

Since he does not know how to move, he advances on trust like the blind.

Consider what acting on trust means in a war: it’s like a gambler trusting the throw of the dice.

But if someone’s insight is unfrozen, it penetrates the veil.

He sees with his own eyes in the present what will come to pass in ten year’s time.

In the same way, everyone perceives the invisible future, whether good or bad, according to the measure of his insight.

When barriers in front and behind are removed, the eye penetrates and reads the Tablet of the Unseen.

When he looks back to the origin of existence, the beginning and all the past display themselves, including the argument between the angels of earth and Divine Majesty, their resistance to recognizing our Father Adam as God’s steward.

And when he casts his eye forward, he sees all that will come to pass until the Gathering.

Therefore he sees back to the root of the root, and forward to the Day of Decision.

Anyone, to the degree of his enlightenment, sees as much as he has polished of himself.

The more he polishes, the more he sees, the more visible do the forms become.

If you say purity is by the grace of God, this success in polishing is also through that Generosity.

That work and prayer is in proportion to the yearning: People have nothing but what they have striven for.

God alone is the giver of aspiration: no rough brute aspires to kingliness, nor does God’s gift of good fortune preclude one’s own consent and will and choice.

But when He brings trouble upon some ill-fated person, he ungratefully packs off in flight.

Whereas when God brings trouble upon a blessed man, he just draws nearer to God.

In battle the cowardly, from fear of their lives, have chosen their means of escape.

But heroes are borne forward by their fear and pain.

From fear, too, the weak soul dies within itself.

Tribulation and fear for one’s life are touchstones to distinguish the cowardly from the brave.

– Rumi

(translated by Kabir Helminski)