Spring Equinox and Moving to a new Website

Hi everyone, this is an announcement that in three days I will launch a new website www.AscendingPath.org

I will launch it soon after the sunrise of the Spring Equinox (the first day of spring), which will take place on Friday March 20th.

It has been almost nine years that I’m running the Highest Quest blog, but now the time has come to move to another place.

Master Samael Aun Weor has explained to us about the important connection of the path of the sun to ones own inner Being, as well as the spiritual work by which the Being can incarnate within. The spring equinox represents the time when an important aspect of this inner Being resurrects by first incarnating in all of our inner spiritual bodies. This is the path of the Sun-Christ.

During the time of the spring equinox, the light of the sun is victorious over the preceding winter. It is the time when spring comes and the light becomes stronger and with it also comes life in increased form; all of it to culminate with the Summer Solstice, which represents another great stage in the path of initiations.

Even though the world is currently going through crisis and fear took hold of many, it is beneficial to acknowledge the coming of the new spring and of the new cycle of activity that it brings.  It is a great time to reconnect with nature; trying to feel its deeper aspect which is the Mother Nature – the overwhelming presence that nourishes everything – and also feeling the light of the sun, how it touches the Earth and gives her life.

I wish we all understand the colossal importance of the sacrifice of the Sun-Christ, who sacrificed himself out of love and compassion for others, through many individuals throughout history; not forgetting that this intrinsic value of sacrifice is directly related to the spiritual path and the transforming effects that it has on our own lives.

Deep States of Relaxation: Their Spiritual and Physical Benefits

On the path of self-discovery, many people take up meditative mystical practices in order to reach deeper information about reality of themselves and the Universe, so to discover things that go beyond what their physical senses can perceive. Often time such practices involve relaxing the physical body so that there is no tension, and therefore no distraction. In this process of learning a new practice, many do not go deep enough into that stage of relaxation, and they miss out on enormous benefits that such practice can give them. Continue reading

Hardships and Difficulties while doing the Gnostic Work

Hardships are a common theme throughout life, and are not uncommon in our inner work. In the later case they can take on a different note, and that’s because of the nature of the spiritual work. By this I do not mean that life becomes harder when the inner work is applied, but rather that we become more conscious of life’s hardships. In a normal case (that of a person who is not doing the inner work), they would go through hardships in a mechanical way, half-conscious of the suffering that they go through. Many then look for some sort of relief by indulging into different pleasures of life in order to forget the pain, not wanting to know that this pendulum of pleasure and pain will not resolve the issue that they are dealing with. Continue reading

Madame’s Blavatsky Advises for Spiritual Advancement

The following is an excerpt from the Madame’s Blavatsky article called “Practical Occultism”. The excerpt consists of some of her advises in regards to spiritual advancement, such as strengthening will, praying, dealing with desires, and so on. It is aimed at larger audience, particularly those who are not very acquainted with deeper forms of development, so the advices may seem as precepts rather than guidance, however some of them are well elaborated. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, also known as Madame Blavatsky, was a famous figure of the 19th century in the occult and esoteric circles, and was one of the founders and key figures in Theosophical Society – an international organization that played a huge role in promoting esoteric subjects to the world in the 19th century. The article “Practical occultism”  is lengthy and gives some food for thought, but the excerpt I am including in this post is the heart of the practicality of that article. It goes like this: Continue reading

Spiritual Transformation Described in Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a wonderful compilation of ancient texts that describe passages of the deceased through the process of death. It is known that the ancient Egyptian culture had a lifestyle that revolved around preparation for what will come after the physical body dies. In that sense those people have placed a great emphasis on leading a life that is just, compassionate, and that will move them towards attaining wisdom. Many also struggled to completely break free of the chains that tied them to this physical world Continue reading

Levels of Understanding Through Consciousness and Inner Work

It has been often said that teacher comes when student is ready. This readiness of the student depends on his level of understanding. In the beginning he finds the work and teachers, and then as his understanding increases he is able to understand more and more of the esoteric subjects. This increase of understanding is directly related to his own inner work. If the work is not taking place inside him, the level stays the same, and sometimes it can even disappear (if we go backwards), though I think this loss of understanding is temporarily taken away. Continue reading

Looking for Spirituality and Guru in the East

I noticed that it is very common for people to turn towards the East when they start searching for ways to develop spiritually. In a way this is understandable, because if we take a look at religions that are prominent in the world today, the ones that are more related to the progressive growth of the soul, at least on exoteric level, are the ones from the East. So in this way then, people start researching about religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Many make far journeys to Asia in order to search for a school or a teacher that would help them reveal the path that leads out of suffering and to liberation, feeling that it is only in those far lands that they could find true spirituality. Continue reading