Workshops on this blog are designed so that they can help those who want to change inwardly through the study and practice of the Gnostic teachings, in order to experience and to work towards permanently building inside them peace, happiness, love, wisdom, compassion, knowledge, and other qualities that are integral part of their true nature. These workshops can serve well for both those who are new on the path as well as those who are already working inside themselves for a while. The topics that will be covered here are related to consciousness; inner change; what it takes to reach higher states of being; meditation; astral projection; lucid dreaming; and more.

All of the workshops are offered free of charge. The reason why they are free is because the way to the spirit is such an essential part of this Universe that it should be available to anyone who is ready to walk upon the path to awakening.

The workshops will take place online in the Zoom platform, for 30 minutes at first (later on, depending on interest, they can last for longer time). Most of them requires signing up, but some will also be ‘drop in’, at times of doing group mantra chanting or simple forms of meditations.

Awakening Consciousness Workshop


The spritual work truly starts when we start waking up our consciousness from the psychological sleep of constant thoughts and emotions that are creating an obstacle for our true nature, the essence or consciousness (also known as Buddhata), to shine through. That’s the first step of the inner work and it requires some effort in order for us to realize that it is who we are, and then to strengthen it with practices taught in the teachings of some Gnostic masters.

This three-part online workshop will take place on the 17th, 19th, and 22nd of December. Each session will last for half an hour, starting at 8 PM London time.

If you would like to join, just sign up in the contact form bellow. In the message box please write a little bit about your interest in the workshops, or why you think they would benefit you (or something along those lines). You will then be given the link to the place where the workshop will take place.