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The Spiritual Ascension course, as well as Workshops on this blog are designed so that they can help those who want to change inwardly through the study and practice of the Gnostic teachings, in order to experience and to work towards self-realization by permanently building inside them high inner states such as peace, happiness, love, wisdom, compassion, and also knowledge, wisdom and other qualities that are integral part of their true nature. The main activities offered here are:

The Spiritual Ascension course

Esoteric Investigation and Building of the Force Within  course
(available to those who have finished the course on Spiritual Ascension)

Awakening Consciousness workshop

Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming workshop

Both the courses and the workshops will take place online, and can serve well for both those who are new on the path as well as those who are already doing the inner work for a while. All courses and workshops are offered free of charge, as is all other content on this site. The reason why they are free is because the way to the spirit is such an essential part of this Universe that it should be available to anyone who is willing to walk upon the path to awakening.


A course on Spiritual Ascension


The main thing offered on this site is the 12 week Course on Spiritual Ascension. This course is based on the teachings of Master Samael Aun Weor – the person who revealed the path to liberation, and telling us what is necessary to walk upon it. However, this course is also expanding upon some things relating to the path, and some approaches and information given here will be new. It is essential that all those who are ready learn how to walk upon this path, and the structure of this course and guidance given therein will allow for this to occur.

This course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide, to the complete spiritual awakening. Everything that a seeker needs to spiritually ascend in a deep and proper way is included in this 12 week course.

The course program is as follows:

  1. Introduction: Consciousness and spiritual development (practice: Awareness)
  2. Journey of consciousness inside the Universal laws and the Wheel of Samsara (practice: Awareness and Concentration)
  3. The path to complete awakening (practice: Awareness and Concentration)
  4. Self-knowledge and the five psychological centers (practice: Self-observation)
  5. The Three keys to awakening (practice: First key)
  6. Sexual energy in the esoteric work (practice: Second key)
  7. Helping others spiritually (practice: Third key)
  8. Tree of Life: Macrocosm and Microcosm (practice: Connecting with the Being)
  9. Meditation for Exploration of Reality
  10. Meditation for Self-knowledge
  11. Astral Travel and Looking into Dreams
  12. Astral Unfoldment and Higher Realms

This course will take place online as a live online classroom once a week, and you will also be given material to study on your own. Every week a topic will be covered together with the practice for the week. Once you register you will be given the information about the place of meeting.

The next round starts on April 23th 2020.   Class will take place in three major timezones.

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Awakening Consciousness Workshop


The spritual work truly starts when we start waking up our consciousness from the psychological sleep of constant thoughts and emotions that are creating an obstacle for our true nature, the essence or consciousness (also known as Buddhata), to shine through. That’s the first step of the inner work and it requires some effort in order for us to realize that it is who we are, and then to strengthen it with practices such as meditation, concentration, awareness, mantras etc. In this three-part online workshop program we will cover some of the most important methods for awakening consciousness.

The next workshop will take place as an online classroom, on Saturday April 5th 2020.

Once you register you will be given the link to the place where the workshop will take place.

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Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming


Experiences out of the body, regardless if they happen via the route of astral projection or through lucid dreaming, have been happening to people for thousands of years. We all leave our bodies every night when we sleep and we return back with experiences that we call “dreams”. However, it is possible to be consious of the process of leaving our bodies, and to start having conscious out of body experiences. By doing this, we use our potential to explore higher realms of our Universe. In this way we can explore the 4th and the 5th dimension, also known as the Etheric, the Astral, and the Mental planes of existence.

In the “Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming” we will cover topics such as:

– how to have lucid dreams and conscious astral projection
– about exploring the higher realms
– how to have prolonged and more objective experiences out of the body
– correlation between spiritual work, consciousness, and astral/dream exploration
– about dreams and how to interpret them

The next workshop will take place as an online classroom, on April 4th 2020.

Once you register you will be given the link to the place where the workshop will take place.

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Important notice

The online activities offered on this site, as well as all of the content, are not meant to replace any medical treatman. All physical and mental issues should be treated by a professional. The activities  offered here are only meant to enhance ones spiritual life, and are not suitable to someone who is suffering from severe mental conditions.



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